Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two unidentified objects captured by IR camera

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 4, 2008
Location of event: ?

"To start with I build & install DVR Surveillance systems, and this was caught on one of my very high end Bosch true IR Camera. I was on the phone with a customer giving him a live view of the cameras showing how they worked. This camera is on a pan/tilt 360 mount, so I was moving the camera all over to show him how it worked.

We started to talk again, and I had left the camera aiming up towards the southern sky. Then he and I both saw this object fly through the shot, and I told him it was probability a bird. So I took the chance to show him the on-line replay. When looking back, I knew at once it was some sort of UFO, but not just one... in playback I saw there was two and very clearly. I also analyze video for customers and police, so I'm very good at it.

I worked on it for hours and they appear to be two triangle crafts moving very fast from west to east. What the real clincher for me was is that the top craft went in and out of the clouds, proving they were not an illusion or something on the lens. It happened so fast there was really no feeling at the time, but when I played it back, I just about had a heart attack because I knew what it was at once without a doubt.

I left the camera aimed at that same place for about a week, but they never flew through again.

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