Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aliens asking about farming, incredible story from 1964 - Part 1 of 2

1964 was a year of many UFO incidents and the most famous of them is probably what, now late, Lonnie Zamora encounted in the deserts outside Socorro, New Mexico in the afternoon of April 24, 1964. But this wasn’t the only incident of that day, earlier that day, a New York farmer may have had an even stranger encounter.

The clock had just passed 10 AM on the morning of April 24, 1964 and the 27 year old farmer Gary Wilcox was out spreading manure at his 300-acre farm in Newark Valley, New York when he suddenly noticed something unusual by the edge of the forest. Curious of what it could be, he drove his tractor over for a closer look.

At first, he suspected it was perhaps a fuel tank or something from a plane. When he moved closer, he was able to see that it was slightly off the ground, but he wasn’t sure if it was suspended or standing on some legs. According to Wilcox, it had an oblong shape, resembling an egg and was about 20 feet long, 4 feet high, and 15 to 16 feet long. Wilcox has stated that touched the object, even kicked it. From his observations, he could defiantly determine that it was metallic in nature, with an aluminum color. It had smooth surface with no visible seams and it didn’t make any sound or nothing else too out of the ordinary.

But all this changed when two men, about four feet tall, came out from underneath the craft. Wilcox, very frightened of course, could see they had something similar to a metal tray and it was filled alfalfa, roots, soil, leaves and brush. The men looked to be dressed in white or metallic suites, with no part of their body visible. During the first minutes of their encounter, Wilcox didn’t say much and suspected this just prank someone played on him. When being what the being first said to him, Wilcox stated: “Don’t be alarmed, we have spoken to people before.”

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