Monday, March 22, 2010

Aliens asking about farming, incredible story from 1964 - Part 2 of 2

1964 was a year of many UFO incidents and the most famous of them is probably what, now late, Lonnie Zamora encounted in the deserts outside Socorro, New Mexico in the afternoon of April 24, 1964. But this wasn’t the only incident of that day, earlier that day, a New York farmer may have had an even stranger encounter.

(continuation from Part 1)

Wilcox said that their voices didn’t sound like any voice he could describe and he didn’t know if they spoke English or not. The beings begun to ask questions about what he was doing, asking him to explain what a tractor and manure was. It was soon obvious that the beings were interested in organic substances as Mars (where they allegedly claimed to be from) was rocky and not fit for growing anything. Wilcox answered questions for about two hours, he later recalled. Wilcox asked the beings I he could go with them, but they turned down his request, stating the atmosphere would be to thin for him.

In the meantime, the men had approached him further, now being within a few feet of Wilcox. They appeared to be interested in farming practices and when Wilcox mentioned how he used fertilizer, they wanted to know more about it. He offered them a bag of fertilizer to take with them, but the men got instead back into their craft and quietly rose and took of due north at an estimated height of 150 feet.

Wilcox returned to his daily chorus, but not forgetting what the beings said and later that day, Wilcox took a large bag of fertilizer and placed it near the tree the UFO had landed. When he checked the nest morning, the bag was gone.

During their conversation, the beings allegedly told Wilcox that the two American astronauts John Glenn and Virgil Grissom and two Russian astronauts would die within a year. And they had almost right. Grissom, along with two other perished the tragic Apollo capsule fire of January 27, 1967. On April 24, 1967, three years after Wilcox encounter, the Russian cosmonaut Vladimir M. Komarov was killed his capsule’s parachutes didn’t open upon re-entry.     

One may think that Wilcox just made this story up, but after a thorough investigation made by Psychiatrist Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz was able to determine that Wilcox told the truth, being very impressed with Wilcox’s obvious background and evidence of stability, integrity, honesty, and intelligence.

But is it really possible that this could have happened. Could aliens have come to Earth to educate themselves in farming? Only one person knows, and it’s Gary Wilcox. 

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