Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flickering objects gather the attention of witnesses in North Carolina

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 19, 2010
Location of event: Banner Elk, North Carolina

"Three of my friends and I decided to go star gazing on top of a mountain in Banner Elk, NC. It was exceptionally clear. We took 2 cars, 2 of my friends were in another car. They drove to the spot before me and my other friend arrived. I got a text from them around 2:00 AM, saying they had seen a UFO. We quickly got to them, but they said it had disappeared. They said it hovered above the skyline and quickly disappeared.

I was curious so I looked everywhere I could to find something similar to what they described. They described it as red, green, and white flashes of light. All of a sudden, on my right hand side, I noticed something flashing, much brighter than all the other stars. It also flashed red, green, and white light. It stayed stationary for approximately 20 minutes before going into a pattern.

We then noticed 2 more, side by side, close to the star Betelgeuse, following the same pattern of movement, and they had the same flashing lights. Eventually the original one I spotted began to drop below the mountain, and then bobbed up and down, still visible. It then disappeared. The other two objects began to get more faint like they were farther away. Then to the far left of me, one much closer appeared out of nowhere, also with the same pattern and colors.

Then out of nowhere it disappeared. The only two that were left were the two closest to Betelgeuse. We sat and watched until approximately 4:30 AM."

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