Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Multiple unknown objects seen over Florida

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 20, 2010
Location of event: Florida, USA

"Around 11:48 to 11:57 PM, EDT, I witnessed 10 - 12 red, sphere-like objects moving in an irregular line formulation. I was ready to close up my store when my brother called telling me excitedly that there were a group of bright objects within the sky. I went out to look at the scene and there were these objects, moving northwest from my initial point. My two fellow employees came out to see the objects, as did the last three customers we were helping.

On Taft St., nearby drivers stopped and got out of their cars to look at the objects. These objects were red with yellow on the bottom, at times blinking. There were no sounds being omitted from them, unlike when a jet airliner passes overhead.

My brother explained to me that he first saw the objects moving in a single file line, then breaking apart, still being somewhat behind one another. Upon seeing the objects, I began to run across the plaza parking lot, keeping my phone on so that I could get my brother's view from where he was. By the time I had crossed the end of the lo,t the last two objects began criss-crossing one another, never hitting one other.

Finally the very last one appeared to elevate into the atmosphere, becoming dimmer as it reached higher elevations. My coworker believed it was a meteor shower penetrating into the Earth's atmosphere; however, these objects were moving below low level clouds the entire time I was out there.

When I got home I immediately called the local Police of Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, to see whether anyone had already reported the sightings, which no one did. My brother saw the same with the remaining items, saying that they all had ascended into the atmosphere. For me this was the most amazing sight I've ever seen, for I've been interested in this subject since my years in middle school."

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