Sunday, March 7, 2010

Possible USO observed from Delta Flight DL2220 over Wisconsin

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 2, 2010
Location of event: Near Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I was in Delta Airline flight DL2220 flying from Seattle, WA, to Detroit. I was looking through the window for most of the flight. At about 6:00 AM we were flying over a big city, probably Milwaukee when I noticed glowing lights at a distance several miles ahead of us. I was suddenly amazed because the lights seemed brighter and bigger than all of the city lights combined.

It was the brightest light I had seen from a plane window. I love sitting in a window seat and looking out. What puzzled me was that the lights looked like they were under water. I had the feeling that we were flying over water, so I looked down to make sure. There were few clouds and I could see the ripples on the surface of the water, because the moon was full.

I kept looking at the light as the plane got closer to them. I started getting apprehensive as the plane approached it. It didn't seem man-made. When we finally got over it I was terrified and could look no more because I thought it was going to capture the plane. There was a gentleman sitting in the window seat in front of me. I am sure he saw it too.

I think he was afraid because he turned away too. I wanted to ask him about it but my connecting flight was leaving in a short time, and I was traveling with two others so I didn't have the time to find him in the airport. Now I am going to try to give a detail description of the lights.

I noticed three lights close together under the surface of the water. The biggest one looked like a giant light bulb. It was several miles in diameter. It was yellowish. The one beside it was a little more the half the size and it was reddish. It was also huge - several miles in diameter too.

The third one was smaller and greenish. I will assume that it was less than 2 miles in diameter. They were all brighter than any light I have ever seen except the sun. I do not believe they were from this world. There was another light at a distance the size of a city - it was greenish ,but we didn't fly near it. Unless you guys tell me that there are several gigantic under water projects going on in Lake Michigan, I am going to believe that what I saw was extraterrestrial.

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