Monday, March 8, 2010

Motorist in Texas sees bright object that dissapears

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 2, 2010
Location of event: Texas, USA

"After dropping my son off at school, I was driving home on the access road of 410 heading east when a bright object in the sky caught my attention. The object I thought might be a star, but I questioned how could it be so bright with the 7:30 sun shining? I was captivated and stunned.

I stared to at it to try and figure if this object had its own light source, or if the sun was reflecting from it. The object did not seem to move as I was looking at it. It may have had motion, but would have been difficult for me to see since it was so high up and I was driving. Had I been still, I may or may not have seen it in motion. As I was looking into the sky, I had nearly forgotten that the road (I'm all too familiar with), merges into one lane. From my peripheral vision, I notice the car in the next lane and I nearly collide.

I swerve to avoid hitting it, and the driver slows down to let me get ahead. I readjust my vehicle on the road and look back to scan the sky.

It's been about 5 seconds since I took my eyes away from the object and it's gone. I figure since I'm in motion, perhaps I maybe mistook the location of the object in sky. I quickly turned into a neighborhood just off of the access road and drove back west, then drove back onto the access road in an effort to study the sky from the position I had been in just one minute prior.

I still saw nothing. I'm baffled. By the way, not one cloud in the sky. I tried to come up with an explanation but can't. I've never seen a plane move in a way that it could be out of sight in 5 seconds, and a star that bright would need more time to not be visible in the sky. I really don't know what to make of it.

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