Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Texas truck driver reports large, strange lights

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: February 24, 2010
Location of event: Between Cisco, Texas and Rising Star, Texas

"I was driving a hazardous material transport truck between Cisco and Rising Star, TX, southbound on Highway 183. I noticed an extremely bright series of 3 lights in the sky. The lights weren't moving or were moving very slowly. I passed a car that had partly pulled over to view the sight and thought about pulling over myself.

The shoulder was too narrow, so I proceeded in a southerly direction toward the lights high in the southern sky. Then an additional 6 lights came on, and the lights covered at least 1/4 mile of the sky. I turned my spotlight on and shined it in the direction of the lights.The lights went out after a few minutes, and the sky was dark with no signs of any aircraft or aircraft lights.

I could see planes in the far distance, but nothing in the immediate area. Then the original first 3 lights reappeared for a few more minutes and went back out again. I was closer this time but still could see no signs of aircraft of any sort. The lights were very bright and impossible to not notice. There were 2 cars behind my truck, and they were sure to have seen the sight as well as the folks that had pulled over.

I studied the sky carefully. I have worked at night a lot in my life. I have seen the space shuttle re-enter the atmosphere, space junk fall, and catch fire, comets, meteors of all sorts, apache helicopters with lights underneath, and passenger jets with landing lights on. These lights were quite unique in comparison to anything I've ever seen. The light they admitted was white and bright with no colors at all. I would love to get a look at the radar at 8:02 pm. It was several small crafts or one very large one.

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