Monday, March 29, 2010

Bright light chases motorist in Utah

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 15, 2010
Location of event: near Vernal, Utah

"In the evening I was driving home from Vernal, Utah, with my wife and son in our car. At about 7:30 PM, local time, a HUGE, bright, amber-colored light just popped out of nowhere in front of us. It was about 3 miles from me, and about 35 degrees up in the sky in the West. I noticed it because it was obviously the only light in the sky at the time. There were absolutely no stars, planets, planes, or any other sort of light.

I have seen this exact light in the sky before, at least six times this year already! I felt as if it really wanted us to see it. I proceeded to finish driving home. As I was continuing my drive, it moved with me to about 10 degrees above the western horizon. When we got back to my home, I grabbed my camera out of my Jeep and started filming. The object stayed in view for about 30 minutes total. My witness to this is my wife, Nicole, and the footage I have provided.

After filming for about 10 minutes, the object slowly flew North toward the Uintah Mountain Range. It didn't fly off or zoom off, it just kind of faded out of view. The very next day at about 6:30 PM, an unmarked Blackhawk helicopter flew right over my head and went in the exact same direction as the UFO. I even have footage of the helicopter taking pictures of me and my family. In all of the times I and my wife have seen this object, we never ever felt any fear."

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