Friday, March 5, 2010

Report of strange flying objects over Florida

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: February 28, 2010
Location of event: Florida, USA

"Last night as my wife and I were standing on the back stairs smoking, we both witnessed a glowing object come from left to right, high in the sky over our house. The object was very bright and very abruptly stopped, and shot almost completely straight up out of sight.

Within a few seconds of its disappearance, we both witnessed a helicopter with a search light in the area of about where we saw it disappear. After about 20 minutes, the helicopter left. Now also over the past month, both my wife and I together and alone, have witnessed several bright, orange balls of light in the horizon at the front of our home that all suddenly disappear.

One we watched for approximately 30 minutes and it passed over relatively close to our position. It was round, large, and had several multi-colored lights on it. I live near a private airstrip, a municipal airport, and 2 military installations. Aircraft passing over our home is nothing new to us and we have learned to distinguish between stars, airplanes, helicopters, and what not.

None of these things we have seen recently comes close to resembling any of the normal aircraft we come across out here.

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