Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three pointed object appears from electric cloud in Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 2, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"Around 11:28 PM I was sitting in my sunroom. All of the animals began to act up, their sound filled the area. I live on top of one of the mountains so I have a great view down into the city and over to the horizon. High up in the sky I saw a strange electric cloud, it looked like a cloud shadowed the moon because it was very bright, but the moon was nowhere around the area.

I was facing south at the time and with the animals still going crazy, there appeared a three-pointed object with lights at each point. I am partially color blind, but the colors seemed to look like green-blue, or even a yellow-purple, I really can't explain the colors.

I stared at the object, which seemed to appear over the horizon near the Galleria Mall / Airport area. The object hovered for about 20 seconds, there were no blinking lights on it, so I knew it wasn't a normal aircraft.

After 30-40 seconds, it disappeared into another cloud of what I can only explain as electricity. The cloud was amorphous and very jelly-fish like, long and wispy strings with a type of density. The animals stopped barking and the object then reappeared, closer to me than before.

It moved very slowly from east to west, then it stopped again, and then it started to move very fast past my field of vision.amorphous I ran through the house, out the front door and watched it fly quickly overhead towards the west. It made a strange, low humming noise and buzzed by me very quickly then it disappeared suddenly. I went back to the sunroom and sat down very confused."

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