Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strange, boomerang shaped UFO seen over California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 17, 2010
Location of event: Red Bluff, California

"My friends and I were in our hometown of Red Bluff, CA, for the annual rodeo each year, on April 17, 2010, and we had just finished eating dinner at our friend B's house. Around 9:30 PM, we decided to go into town for the festivities, and since there were more than a handful of us, a few of us had to jump in the back of my buddy T's truck.

Image left: Witness depiction.

We were all laying down in the bed of the truck so that we wouldn't be pulled over. It was myself, "K", "B", and B's brother "C", who were in the back of the truck. As we drove along, we were all talking loud, looking around at different things as we whizzed along Wilcox Rd, when suddenly I hear "K" yell out, "Hey, I see a UFO!" and I was like, "What? You're kidding," and I look up into the middle of the sky directly overhead and see this strange shape that at first reminded me of an angular cloud, in a kind of boomerang shape, but a cloud that was moving, and moving quite briskly.

It immediately clicked in my mind that this was not a natural object or a natural cloud. It moved in a fashion that is impossible for a cloud, and there was not a natural cloud in the nightsky, it was completely clear out. As my disbelief turned to awe, I continued to stare at the object as it glided over our position in complete silence, and I saw that within the cloudy substance that flowed from the front of the object to the rear, was a geometric boomerang shaped object, with sharp lines, as if drawn by a ruler, contrasting against the background.

The cloudy mist-like substance seemed to spring forth out of nothing from the front of the object, and trailed over the rest of the craft towards the rear. And as we gazed on in amazement for what was probably at most, 10 seconds, it approached the tree filled horizon, and that coupled with our turn on the road, took it out of our view.

We could not believe our eyes, and started cursing a myriad of profanities uttering our complete amazement at what the hell just happened, and what the hell we just saw. "B" and "C" had looked up a bit later than "K" and I, and had failed to see the geometric boomerang shape within the cloudy substance, but they did see the cloudy mist, in an angular fashion, gliding across the sky in a straight line briskly. It had absolutely no sound at all, no lights, and moved in a completely straight line, in a direction that I believe was North or Northeast.

We have no idea how big it was, only that it looked extremely large. When talking about it with "K" later he told me that he held his hand up to the sky afterwards, with his pinky finger and index finger extended outwards, the others tucked in, in a sort of devil's horn you might say, and he felt like the distance between the two fingers pointing outwards was a good approximation of the wingspan of the strange object in the sky. This however, really does not solve the question of just how big it really was, rather it only makes the argument for it being rather large. If it was close to us in the sky, it was still huge as all hell, and if it was even higher up in the sky, then its size is even larger, almost mind boggling large.

This story is written with all honesty and complete truth. Both "K" and I had always believed in the possibility of UFOs, but had never seen or experienced anything like this in our lives. After talking about it more and more, we both feel like this is an event that has changed our lives forever. To us there is no question about it: this was a real UFO, and it was not of this Earth. There is absolutely nothing manmade out there, not the stealth bomber, or anything, that can match up to what we saw that night.

Immediately the following day after seeing the object, I began to research online what sightings of UFOs were out there that met the same description, and I came upon a sighting of a UFO seen over Belville, Texas, in September of 2009, Case Number 19343. The article describing the UFO fit our description perfectly in almost every detail. The way it was described to be moving, that at first it seemed to be a fast moving cloud, but not a cloud at all, the way it looked, and the way it glided across the sky in a straight line.

After reading this, I knew that this was the exact same craft we saw, and that we were not alone in witnessing such a spectacular object. I will forever be changed by this. Let people judge me how they may, but I speak the truth. This is what I saw, and I was not alone in seeing it. Something IS out there."


  1. Me and two friends went on the roof of my friend's apartment yesterday night May 16, 2010 (2300 IST) and were lying down gazing at the sky. Out of nowhere my friend saw something moving in the sky and showed the other. But I was thinking that the guys are just pulling my leg over my inclination towards paranormal stuff. And I saw it, saw it move really fast and disappear behind the clouds. I googled "mysterious white boomerang shaped thing night sky" this morning and found your blog. Checked the date and holy shit our experiences are only a month apart.

  2. I saw it, just a few minutes ago! I went outside after seeing a flash of light outside my window. I didn't see the source of the flash, but I caught the thing in my peripheral and watched it move through the sky, behind my house and out of sight.

  3. I just saw the same thing last night in San Antonio Texas. It was a white, boomerang shaped object. Looked like a faint cloud yet going extremely fast and opposite the direction of the clouds. It was also huge but not as huge as the clouds around it. I was able to make it out due to it seemed to be reflecting the clouds around it but once it passed them, it only reflected the dark thus lost sight of it. I think it wasn't white but maybe coated with something which either reflected its surroundings or made it seem transparent. Completely silent though and no lights. Moon was out as well.

  4. Add another sighting over Plano Texas. Went out for a smoke at 2:30 am and caught sight of the same object, almost exactly as haveinmind described. Same cloudlike effect, but its speed and the consistency of its shape where not cloudlike at all. It seemed to me that it had a thick boomerang shape and as the original story reports, there is no way to tell how high it was flying and thus its size. However I am positive that if it had been a regular size aircraft, I would have heard it. I only saw it for six or seven seconds, and it did seem somewhat transparent, but i believe i was not seeing the object, but the effect it had on its surroundings, maybe water vapor and the city lights reflecting on its underbelly. Still shaking a bit from the experience. Wow, what a way to change your mindset.

  5. sounds like the militaries stealth airplanes. or something similar. could be alien military!?

  6. I live in mid missouri and i believe I have seen this object. Lastnight I was outside smoking a ciggerette and noticed a cloud like boomerang, I watched it for a seconed or two until I realized this was not a cloud, it had several dim lights underneath almost like glitter. This thing was completly silent, flew in a strait line and HUGE!!! I ran inside yelling for my girlfriend to come outside, but when we went outside i could'nt find it again. I wish she would have seen this with me becouse it was a life changing event.

  7. we just saw the same thing me and three of my friends were on the trampoline 3 were sitting up and i was laying down i looked up in the sky and saw a boomarang thing in the sky and i told all my friands to look up and we saw flew in a straight line and then vanished into the trees horizen. when i jumped off to see if i could see past the trees it was gone...

  8. Alexander you have described exactly what I saw a couple of years earlier in Auckland, New Zealand. The object I saw was almost transparent in colour, moving fast in a North direction with no lights or sound. I was lucky enough to have a mate with me at the time who saw it as well. Skype me on kiwitrogdor if you want compare notes.

  9. I live in outer London, and saw this object, slow moving and large, and high up, also silent. The picture at top is very accurate, I saw it about 10.30pm on a late autumm evening in 2009. It moved it a straight line, for about 30 secs, then just before the light pollution of a local A road obscurred it, it picked up speed and veered of at a 120 degree angle. It really took me by surprise, my one and only UFO sighting, very odd and just didnt look like any tech that we(humanity)have ever designed.

  10. I live in Austin TX. It was March 15th approximately 11:30p.m.
    I just moved to Austin the beginning of December 2010 to be with my girlfriend. My best friend Steve just came down for vacation from Portland OR where I am from.
    We ate dinner and came home and watched the movie "I Spit On Your Grave" and went outside to have a cigarette. We had a 6 pack that we shared while the movie was playing and were waiting for a bag of grass from one of our friends that could not come over til about 12:30 a.m. We were sober with a slight beer buzz.
    I lit Steve's cigarette, and then lit mine and Steve looked down at his phone to text somebody while i looked up at the sky like I always do because i constantly am looking for shooting stars. and immediately i noticed an opaque object towards the south that at first glance sort of looked like toilet paper flapping in the wind. I blinked my eyes and looked again and noticed that it was a little bit bigger and realized that it defenitely was not toilet paper and thought that it was a kite. My thought was "who the hell would be flying a kite at 11:30." and just then i realized that it was flying directly towards me. I thought "what the fuck is this really happening is this really what i am seeing right now." as it got closer and closer i could make it out and it was a "boomerang" shaped object. Right before it was on top of us I said "What the fuck is that" and steve looked up. but he looked up just a little too late to see it as it was right above. but i saw this huge enormous v shaped UFO, that like the original post said sort of resembled a milky cloud with quite brighter opaque outline that was moving kind of like a squid or jellyfish would move in the water. Just the outline was moving. The inside had very dim blue and very faint red in it. It looked like an aircraft but also looked like it was alive in some way. some kind of being. Steve did manage to see it after it flew over a little bit and we both watched this thing fly North and just barely move a little to the left and then back to the right as it got smaller in the distance and disapeared.
    I completely believe the original story and anyone else that has seen this thing. I never ever believed in UFO's or ghosts or anything like that until that night.
    Just yesterday i saw a show on History channel that was talking about vortex's and they went into this boomerang shaped object that was spotted in hudson valley New York and there was something like 5,00 witnesses or something which made me look online to talk to others that may have seen this thing as well. Blew my damn mind. Please anyone that has seen this thing email me at
    thank you for your attention and hope to talk with anyone about this in the near future.


  11. also i forgot to add. This thing was HUGE!
    It looked as if it was about 400 feet up and about 400 feet wide or so. Steve and I talked about this thing until 4 a.m. and both of us have a pretty good understanding of what we saw.
    again anyone please email me at


  12. Also. The red and blue lights were so dim you could barely even see them. it is almost like the color was not even there. very dim.
    this all happened within 8 seconds or so.


  13. I live in Cedar City UT, it was 10:30pm on a VERY clear night, November 27, 2011. I was looking up at the stars and I saw what at first appeared to be a misty cloud shaped like a boomerang. I quickly realized it was not a cloud, it was moving very quickly, in a straight line and was not changing shape or dissipating like a cloud might do, which is how I quickly understood it was not a cloud. It was HUGE and it was low in the sky. I watched it cross the sky for a few seconds before it was out of sight. It made absolutely no sound. I looked online by typing boomerang shaped UFO and chose this website because the picture looks just like what I saw, and I realized I've seen the same thing as the person who posted this because they used the exact same language to describe what I saw: huge, misty, cloud, shaped like boomerang, flying in straight line across sky, absolutely silent. It was heading from East to West and was in the Southern part of the sky from where I was. Incredible!!! :)

  14. I too just witnessed a similar if not the same object or phenomenon. A HUGE, white, boomerang-shaped, very fast, silent object right about 21:00 PST over a small town near Everett, WA, USA. It is/was easily 4 times bigger than any of the local aircraft (we are near Boeing.) It moved N/NW until too far too be visible. Initially I'd thought it was a formation of white migratory birds, but it was an unbroken, contiguous shape. Weird stuff, not sure what to make of it... Or it would be an IFO, I suppose and not worth mentioning.

  15. Oh, and I should add that it is a clear night, ergo no clouds there for me to dismiss it as a reflection.