Monday, April 5, 2010

Silver disc seen high in California skies

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 27, 2010
Location of event: California, USA

"I let my indoor cats outside to get some fresh air, and while I was sitting in my chair I saw a silver object. At first I thought it was an airliner high in the sky, as I had watched several cross the sky earlier. This was different.

The silver disk-shaped object did not move in any direction for several minutes. As I watched longer, it seemed to move very slowly to the left, then stop and moved back very slowly to its original position. I tried to consider what I was seeing. I knew this was not a balloon as it did not drift or rise in the wind. I was facing east and the object was N.E. at a 45 degree angle. The object seemed to be very high in the sky. I would say 30,000 to 40,000 ft up.

I had the impression that the object was spinning, but can't say for sure because of the distance. After watching the object for 10 minutes, I ran for the back door to get my wife to see it. When we got back outside less than a minute later, the object was no longer visible. I live near a major air corridor and see all kinds of aircraft all the time. This was unlike anything I have ever seen.

I was very disappointed that my wife missed it, as it was very odd. The other high aircraft were making short contrails, but this object had none. I had the impression as I watched the object that I was seeing something very unusual and strange. The object seemed brighter that other aircraft reflecting sunlight, because it was small enough that I could have easily missed it, if not for its brightness.

It was like polished chrome in appearance."

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