Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Motorist spots flying rectangle in Tampa, Florida

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 6, 2010
Location of event: Tampa, Florida

"I was driving south on Orient Road in Tampa to get on I-4 and drive west. I glanced up and to the east (I don't know why) and saw a rectangle flying more or less north. I immediately thought of a rectangle my wife and I saw fly north of Orlando International Airport about 7-8 years ago.

I had no idea what it was, but it was not one of ours. I was extremely curious. I kept glancing through trees as I drove to try to keep it in view, but I realized I would not get a good view unless I turned east. So I turned onto Hillsborough Avenue instead of taking my turn to the west.

I was concerned about time, as I had a meeting at 7 PM miles away through traffic. The object was not coal black, but grayish black, as though it was partially transmitting light. It seemed to be about 5,000 feet high, but I was unsure of its length and height. It appeared to be about three of four times as long as it was high and maybe the size of a twin engine commercial jet, but taller.

Most peculiar was that it appeared to be flat, like a gray flag that did not wave. It appeared to be 4-5 miles away, and perhaps 20 degrees above the horizon. I realized that it was shortening in length, which meant it was turning to the east, and that I could not catch up.

Before it started its turn to the east, it was moving through roughly 1-2 degrees of arc per second. I turned around, got back on I-4 this time, and headed west. I could no longer see the object, even in my mirrors.

Surely someone else saw the thing, as this was rush hour traffic, and it had to cross the path of I-4 from Tampa to Orlando, or maybe just stayed on the north side of I-4. I decided to report it to MUFON. I did not think to take a picture with my cell phone. It made no sound, nor did it have lights or a contrail."

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  1. I knew someone else saw this. I saw it as well. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for posting this.