Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cross like object seen over Stow, Ohio

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: March 31, 2010
Location of event: Stow, Ohio

"At approximately 8:05 PM EST, I was traveling westbound in my car on Fishcreek Road in Stow, Ohio. I then observed the object in the sky to the Northwest, above a McDonald's restaurant. At first glance, I thought the object was someone on a motorized paraglider. Upon further viewing, it was NOT a paraglider.

The object appeared to look like a star or cross, and had a mass of something at the junction of where the vertical and horizontal parts met. The object did not appear to be powered and was simply floating northbound.

The object did not have any lights or other shiny parts. I was too far away from the object to detect if it made any sound. I am unsure of its elevation, but it was well above the tree tops.

After turning right onto Darrow Rd (Rt. 91) I still observed the object moving at a modest speed. I turned left into a McDonalds parking lot, circled the building, then got back onto Darrow Rd. to give chase (traveling northbound). I had the object in sight until I turned left onto Terex Rd. I traveled approximately 1/4 mile on Terex Rd. and then made a U-turn heading back towards Darrow Rd.

At that point I could no longer see the object. My last view of the object was at the intersection of Darrow Rd. and Terex Road."

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  1. I work on Darrow Road, and today I witnessed a strange shaped, shiny object in the sky going at a very slow speed. It would disappear for a few seconds, and then I would see it going in the opposite direction in the other part of the sky. I saw it at 2pm and 4:30 pm.