Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bigfoot in Arizona?

"Ask anyone who's grown up in the small town of Whiteriver in the White Mountains, and they'll tell you that stories of a large, dark and hairy creature lurking around the woods have been around for generations. Now, recent evidence shows that this creature, that the Apache call Keh-Chew, may have never left.

"Have you been drinking? Are you high or something?" Questions A.K. Riley says he gets all the time when he tells people that Big Foot does exist and is living in the White Mountains in Arizona. "You can feel it. It's like someone's watching you," Riley says as he's standing on a dirt road in the middle of the woods on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation...

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  1. I'm actually not surprised by it. I'm an Arizonan and I have to say the White Mountains are really a dream world for a BF. Especially because much of it is Reservation and protected.