Monday, June 21, 2010

Unknown, metallic object spotted in daytime over Lansing, Michigan

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 10, 2010
Location of event: Lansing, Michigan

"Downtown Lansing about 11:05 am - Walking towards Kalamazoo and Grand Ave, and saw something bright in the sky. Looked up, assuming it was a plane. The sun was glinting off of it very strongly when I first saw it - only the "nose" wasn't shining. It moved deliberately across the sky.

It was lower than all other planes and did not have contrails. It made no sound. When I got to Kalamazoo I realized it didn't have wings or a fin. The metal and shape reminded me of old 50's trailers that were all steel/aluminum/whatever.

I thought, "UFO?" but didn't REALLY believe it. I looked both ways, crossed to the turn lane, looked back up, and I couldn't find it. I searched in the same area of the sky and found it - but it was BARELY there!

It was a clear blue sky - clouds would not show up for 2 hours - and even though this was VERY low, it was disappearing. I could see the outline the clearest, the inside was now the same color as the sky. I looked at traffic and then crossed (less than 15 feet) and when I got to the sidewalk, I couldn't find it.

It should have been directly ahead of me in the sky (looking northward), I looked in that clear sky for 5 minutes and could find it. No one else saw it. Downtown Lansing is full of people at this time of day (State Workers) and it was a warm day, so there were many people walking.

I looked around and realized that no one was looking up and that MOST people DON'T. Watch people next time you are out - they are either looking at the ground or at eye-level. Anything could be flying overhead and, if it doesn't make noise, no one's going to see it."

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