Monday, June 14, 2010

Two unknown flying objects seen near Monterey Bay, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 5, 2010
Location of event: Monterey Bay, California

"At 2245 pm I was in my backyard (chasing away a skunk) when a bright, emerald green light caught my attention. It stood out against the sky and the street lights. I initially thought it was a plane, but then noticed the light disappear and then reappear 2-3 times. This light switched between green and bright white, which peaked my suspicion.

It stood out against the sky and the street lights. So I moved to the front of the house, and aligned the light to the peak of a neighbor's house. This assured I could verify the movement of the light more precisely. I watched this light for approximately 10 minutes, as it moved quickly around the sky in a southern direction, closer toward the Monterrey Bay area.

As I was observing this green light, a brilliant sapphire-purple colored light appeared to the west (right) of the green light. It moved in all directions, altitudes. As like the first, the light would disappear, then reappear, except not changing colors. I watched this for a few more minutes, when it dropped in altitude and headed toward the green light, then disappeared.

There was no movement for maybe 5 minutes, when I noticed the sapphire-purple light reappear in a more westerly direction. I followed it as it dropped in altitude(following it over another neighbor's roofline), then headed in a westerly direction over the bay and out of eyesight.

This lasted from 1045 pm to 1105 pm. I just wished I had another person to experience this with... not a skunk. Keep looking up!"

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  1. We saw the same 2 objects over Carmel Valley at the same time frame!!! My next door neighbor called me at 10 PM and told me look up into the sky outside and there they were!! We live in CV Village next to the Carmel River and both appeared over the now defunct CV airport, but then zipped back and forth, vertically and horizontally.....extreme highs and lows, all over the place, lights on and off, one neon green and one brilliant royal blue, both with tiny lights encircling the middle of the sphere. Three of my neighbors on different streets in CV watched in awe so you are not alone! I even heard tones from them when they came a high C. Then, around 11:10 they disappeared over the Los Laureles Grade mountains.
    The CV Fire Dept and The Monterey County Herald said they were toy models manipulated by people could they possibly zip 12 miles from CV to the Monterey Bay? And, another friend lives right on the CV airport flight path and she saw them as well but absolutely no people were around manipulating them! She said, "They were too high up in the sky to manipulate from below."