Saturday, June 26, 2010

Small, disc shaped object witnessed over Colorado

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 16, 2010
Location of event: Colorado, USA

"On 06-16-10 at about 0935 in the morning, my friend (*name deleted) came to me and told me that he and another co-worker were outside our building and they were watching a "UFO," (*name deleted) asked me to get a camera, which I did, and brought it downstairs with him. Another co-worker, (**name deleted), also followed me downstairs. We went outside.

(*name deleted) and the other co-worker pointed into the sky to the NW of our location at about a 50 degree angle from the ground. I saw a small, circular object which reflected a silver light from the sun, and estimated it to be at between 5 and 10,000 feet in altitude. I began taking still digital photographs of the object, which appeared to be round or circular. I saw that it was not being towed by another aircraft and did not have wings. The camera used was a Canon Powershot SX20IS, with a max zoom of 560 mm.

The object (still watched by myself and the other 3 witnesses) continued to move slowly to the N.West. It was hard to tell if it gained altitude, but remained in the shape and still reflective. We lost sight of the object about 7 minutes later as it went over our building.

(*name deleted) told me that the object was much closer when he and his co-worker first saw it above the building (and was much lower in altitude), and looked like a "disk". They said it was completely silent. I reviewed the images at on a low-res screen afterward and the object is positively round or disk-shaped. The detail of the images is not superb, due to the distance when I first saw it.

(Names of wit's friend and co-worker deleted--SGonzalez/CMS)."

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