Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unknown object makes unusual maneuvers over Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 11, 2010
Location of event: Oregon, USA

"I get off work at 11:00 PM, and tend to look at the stars and other celestial bodies, as I am an amateur astronomer and know my way around the sky a bit. I have seen many strange objects here in Oregon in our crystal clear night sky - tonight was a bit stranger than usual. It was 11:10 and I was on the north side of HWY 97 facing the road coming out of my work just south of Bend, OR.

I took a look up at the stars and saw what I thought to be a satellite or the I.S.S. However, it could not be the space station due to the fact that it travels east to west... and this was a blue-colored object that was almost directly south and moving towards the east.

Also it could not be a satellite since it instantaneously stopped and began to move west, and started to perform perfect counter clock-wise circles. After that it began to zig-zag in various directions and more circles which felt to me to be almost as if it were dancing in a way.

It broke all the basic laws our aircraft are based upon, and looked as if it were just outside the atmosphere. I watched this "dance" for about 10-15 minutes and would have continued to until a local sheriff came by and asked if I needed help.

I left and pulled off on the next highway exit and got out to see it was still there, I tried to get home and get my binoculars but it had gone when I got back to my place. I felt it was there for me to see, that is the only way I can describe it."

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