Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ghosts In The B-RI Railroad And Historical Museum?

"If you remember there was an article in the May 20th issue of The Teague Chronicle about Wide Awake Paranormal investigators spending time at the B-RI Railroad and Historical Museum to see if there was paranormal activity there. WELL, before they could even get started things became very interesting!

"We had just come back from dinner and were anxious to get started," said one of the investigators. "When we opened the door we heard a noise that sounded something like an alarm." They thought they had set off an alarm system at the museum and figured the police would show up soon. They waited but the police didn't show.

"We thought we would go in and see if we could find the source of the noise," the investigator went on. "It seemed that each time we thought we could tell where it was coming from and went there, the noise seemed to come from somewhere else...

Part of an article from The Teague Chronicle - Continue reading

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