Saturday, June 26, 2010

Man and son watch UFO hover over bridge in Connecticut

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 17, 2010
Location of event: Danielson, Connecticut

"I was fishing at the bridge on Route 6 in Danielson right on my street. I saw an object flying toward me. This happens all the time because I live next to a small airport, so I just figured it to be a plane coming in till it stopped.

It got real bright and was just hovering in one spot. I called my mom and dad because they live 3 houses down from me, and my dad came running. I was scared, but my dad and I watched this thing for like 15 minutes.

It just stayed right where it was, and never made a sound of any kind. The object would occasionally glow various colors.

I'm still shaken up over what I saw, so about 10:30, we walked back home, I went in the house, took a quick shower, grabbed some binoculars, and went back to the bridge. I knew if it wasn't a star or it would have still been there, it wasn't, it was gone.

I don't care if anyone believes me, but I saw it, it was real and then it was gone. I tried to get this on my cell, but it not very distinct."

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