Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family watch multi-lighted object over Vermont

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 26, 2010
Location of event: St. Albans, Vermont

"I had just got done watching the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens"... (I love this stuff), and I thought my mom was joking when she ran into my room and said "Do you want to see a UFO?" and walked away.I laughed and thought she heard me watching that show, but I got up and followed her to our front door of the house. She pointed across the street to the left of our neighbor's house and to the left of a big oak tree.

This is what I saw... a star-like object in the sky, that seemed to be a lot closer than a star, and it was flashing different colors from blue to red mostly, but white too and sometimes a "flash" of yellow that made the object double in size. It seemed as if the lights were rotating in a circular motion because the blue and red were almost non-stop.

The object would slightly move in the sky because we were not moving from our spot on the patio, and the object would get behind the big branches of the oak tree without us moving at all. The object went slightly right, and then it would rise slightly and after a couple of minutes, it would go back a little left and get out of the way of the oak tree in clear sight again.

My mom and girlfriend both tired of staring at the object for 10-20 minutes, and they both went inside. I walked off my patio and closer to the object, and noticed a blue star-like object zoom right over the top of the main object. The object that zoomed over it did not stop briefly or stand still - it just zoomed over the top and went right by.

I ran inside and told my mom I thought a plane went over the "UFO." My mom and I went back to our spot on the front patio, and after 5 minutes or so of watching the object we both saw out of the eastern sky what we thought at first was a plane come from the direction of Plattsburgh, New York, and headed straight for the "UFO."

It flew over the top of the "UFO," and was blinking a red light at the front, a green light in the middle, and a red light at the back, that’s why I thought it was a plane. But no longer then 15-30 seconds went by, and coming from the western sky and no more then 2-300 yards above our house, a 2nd helicopter (I call it 2nd because it was doing the same exact thing the first what I had thought to be a plane object was doing) flew directly over our house, and was flashing a red light on front, green light in the middle, and red light at the back.

The 2nd helicopter went towards the exact direction the 1st plane/helicopter had started from. The 2 helicopter seemed to be making a perfect circle around the "UFO" and at this point. My mom seemed frightened a little and said, "What the **** is going on around here?" The helicopters went out of sight and I watched the object for 5 minutes and went inside to get some water because it was still 90 degrees out... I went back outside with my girlfriend 5-10 minutes later and the object was gone!

I was very mad it was gone because I wanted to see it when it went away. We got in the car and started to drive towards where the object was, but it was not in the night sky anymore. I was quite upset and went back home. I am still quite excited with what seems to be my first sighting. I also pulled my iPhone out and recorded (mostly by voice) what I was seeing at the time."

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