Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Witnesses in Kentucky see multiple unknown objects

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 15, 2010
Location of event: Fort Wright, Kentucky

"I am hoping someone else saw what we did this Saturday night. I was at a birthday party, and around 10:30 PM, we were all on the front porch of my friend's house in Ft. Wright, Kentucky. Someone there pointed, I think it was to the southwest, and we saw hundreds of pulsating lights going across the sky.

It looked like a plane would look at night, but there were hundreds of them. It was a cloudy night, so they were definitely traveling under the clouds, pretty slowly across the horizon. We lost sight after they traveled behind the tree line across the street. After the majority of them were behind the tree line, we would see a couple here and there trailing behind.

I have never in my life seen anything like that before. I have been searching on the Internet to see if I can find anything on it, but have not had any luck. I e-mailed the Cincinnati Observatory, but have not gotten a response from them either. I know I am not crazy. Everyone else at the party saw it too. If anyone has any answers, please let me know. It is driving me nuts. I tried to take a video with my phone, but it did not work.

Thanks for your time."

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