Sunday, May 23, 2010

Couple witness triangle UFO over California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 13, 2010
Location of event: California, USA

"My wife and I were coming back home after an after-dinner walk around our neighborhood. The sky was clear and the big dipper was up there in all its glory. I pointed it out, and she saw it. Suddenly, a movement caught my eye.

I thought it was going to be a satellite, and got excited to show wife something she's never seen. I started to say, "Hey, look, a satellite," but then, I stopped pointing up and said, "What is that?" It was a triangle - you could see the outline of a perfect triangle moving through the sky. In its corners was a faint gray/blue/white light, more gray and white than blue.

The lights were also triangle shaped. It moved from my back [southwest] to my front [northeast] curving slightly to east before fading out of view. The UFO was silent, no other lighting, it didn't appear to have a shadow. It seemed almost see-thru. There was an aura about it.

You could clearly make out the outline and lighting. My wife asked if it was an owl, I said, "No owl, that is a triangle." We asked each other again, but by then it had moved out of our view. I did think at first it was a satellite, but very quickly changed my mind.

My mind thought, "Oh, my God, this is a possible UFO." But I still questioned myself. My wife and I were thankful that we got to see this, we both know now that we saw a UFO.

We will never forget it."

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