Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do ghosts haunt historic Liberty structures?

"Sometimes late at night after the cleaning crews have left and most office workers are long gone, an elderly man and woman have been seen walking with arms linked along the hallways of the Depression-era Clay County courthouse on Liberty Square.

At other times in other buildings, water runs, doors open unexpectedly, tools disappear, a shadowy presence is felt or a baby cries — all with no explanation. Are these sounds of someone’s overactive imagination, or are there ghosts hanging around town?

Those who sign up for a ghostly tour of Liberty scheduled for Saturday, June 5, will learn where there could be paranormal activity...

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  1. Sorry I cant make the tour - I live in Australia. But we do have similar tours here :)

    I am a parnaormal researcher - more academic than practical.

    I have an online survey open on paranormal experiences.

    You might like to check it out. Theres a link on my site.