Sunday, May 2, 2010

Man witnesses odd, diamond shaped UFO in Australia

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 30, 2010
Location of event: Australia

"I had just got home from my cousin's place with my Mrs and decided to take my dog for a walk, we got about 20 meter up the street when I heard some weird bird noises from one of the nearby trees (I think they were bats ). We continued on down the path, then I heard a lady yelling some profanities, and heard a car screech off down the road.

I was thinking to myself "Must be a full moon," as we walked into the local high school football oval where I always walk my dog. I instantly noticed what I thought was a bright orange star in the southeast, (I was standing at Cranbourne High Secondary College in Cranbourne Victoria, 45 min from Melbourne).

I looked at it for a little while then thought, "Huh? Is that a chopper or just a bright star?" I turned my head to see if I could hear any noises - there were no obvious sounds, so I thought "must just be a star."

As my dog was having a sniff, I noticed a guy taking out some trash or some bottles or something from the high school's theatre, I think they had a show on. I watched my dog for a little while, then about 3 minutes later after witnessing the object, I looked up and noticed it was much closer. It had moved in the night sky, and was headed my way, I was looking southeast and it was headed northwest. I watched it intently, trying to figure out if it was a plane or what.

I listened and noticed again there was no obvious noise, I could see flashing lights on it similar to what a plane or chopper has, and again I thought "Uh, must be a plane," but as this thing got closer I noticed it didn't have the shape of a common aircraft, it was almost silent, but then I noticed there was a faint jet noise trailing the object, however the noise was nothing like a commercial jet plane or anywhere near as loud. The thing kept cruising along and must have been about 5 - 8 kilometers away, and if I were to describe its size, I would say it was twice the size of a commercial airplane.

So as I stared at it and noticed the lights first - they were a deep, red and orange, first the red would glow in an odd kind of pattern and then the orange would go off around the sides, the red lights seemed to be coming from underneath the craft and the orange from either on top or around the sides. If I were to count the lights, I would say there was about a dozen small, red lights on the underneath, and I have no idea how many orange ones, the craft seemed to be a kind of odd diamond-shape, but had 3 dimensional qualities to it.

The speed would have been about 150 - 300 km per hour. I felt very excited the whole time. I lost sight of the object because I thought about running home, which was only about a hundred meters away to grab my girlfriend, but realized that by the time I got there, the UFO would be gone, as this went through my head the object vanished behind the trees and then got too far away to see."

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