Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indiana woman sees glowing UFO in clear daylight

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: early 2010
Location of event: Indiana, USA

"I had a really bad breakup with my boyfriend a few months back and decided to clear my mind. I grabbed a chair and sat on the balcony. The day was BEAUTIFUL. There was not a cloud in the sky, and it was broad daylight. I was looking at the sky as I always do when I reflect.

It makes me feel closer to God and I talk to him when I look at the sky. As I was looking, there was an HUGE object that was shining brighter than the moon would, had it been out, and the light seemed to constantly change shape. It was a glare like the sun, except it didn't hurt my eyes to look. I immediately knew what it was. There was no question. I ran in a got a family member who was napping at the time so that she could view it.

We watched it on and off for about an hour before I tried to take pictures of it on my camera phone, but it would not show up. After a couple of hours, the sky got much darker and you could see it more clearly. By this time, there were two more smaller crafts that had been released, one to the left and one to the right.

They were blinking in a pattern unlike anything that I can describe. Almost like they were communicating with the bright craft. The craft was so bright that I could not tell its shape. A little while after that, it moved.

At first it was directly up and slightly to the left in the sky. Then it appeared much lower farther right. The smaller craft were going in circles in their positions. When I came back to check again, they all had gone.

I never felt scared. I was smiling and excited. As strange as this is about to sound, I was trying to see if I could communicate mentally with it. I asked it to change its colors but it never did. It remained so bright, the light almost looked yellowish.

I started to get in my car and drive nearer to it, but I did not want to miss much. God is AMAZING! Truly fascinating this was."

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  1. On may 3rd 2010,Mchenry Illinois I saw objects that dove in and out of a cloud flying in a counter clockwise eccentric circle...At first I thought they were giant birds but later didn't make sense...Critters..Thats what they are..Critters....Living,Flying Discs.....