Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Couple see disc shaped UFO hover near home in Missouri

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: April 28, 2010
Location of event: Missouri, USA

"I was getting ready for bed last night when I noticed a white light outside that shouldn't have been there. I went to the back door and looked out, and there was a large disc-shaped craft that looked like it was about 50 feet in diameter floating about 30 feet above my fence, which is 125 yards from my house.

The light was coming out from the bottom of the craft, and lit up the ground and fence underneath it very brightly. I called my wife, who was in the shower, to come quick to look and she saw it, too.

It just stayed there for a while, took off very fast and was gone in a couple of seconds. We were both too scared to do anything - even to get the camera. I don't know why I didn't get the camera.

I was going to call the police to make a report, but my wife said they'd just think we were crazy, so I didn't call them. I got on the internet today and found this site to make a report. If anyone else saw this I'd like to know about it. But don't use my name or address in anything - I don't want anyone to find out about this.

I just wanted to tell someone in case you can do anything. I looked at the ground this morning where the light was shining on it, but didn't see anything. This is just so weird - I have never seen anything like it and don't want to again. I hope they don't come back. They were obviously not ours - the craft moved way too fast."

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