Monday, May 10, 2010

Couple see white UFO flying in and out of multiple jets in Tennessee

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 3, 2010
Location of event: Tennessee, USA

"I had just walked out of my garage which faces to the northern sky. I heard a tremendous rumble, and quickly started scanning the sky due north. I noticed at least a dozen fighter jets in semi-formation, about the second I realized what I was seeing, I noticed a quick-moving object flying north to south in and out of the formation. It was solid white.

The planes were flying west to east by northeast. The object was whizzing in and out of the formation, it was amazing - the roar of the planes was deafening - they were flying so low - I started screaming for my wife to come and see. I guess I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy - I just can't tell you the sound of the planes was so very loud. We live within 10 miles of the local Air Guard and McGhee Tyson Airport - so we see smaller commercial jets everyday - a few Apache Copters, and one to three fighters, and of course the Refueling tankers (C130s) all the time.

We have never seen anything like this in my 12 years here, not even close - EVER! My wife has lived here for 36 years, and never seen anything like this. They were basically encircling the object, all the fighters had red lights, not flashing or white, just red, which is not the norm either.

It was very easy to see that the object (white) was moving in and around them - AMAZING! Every dog in the neighborhood was going crazy, we had line of sight with the planes for about 45 to 60 seconds and only saw the object for about 30 because of the tree line. But there were 3 jets coming up right after they went past flying in a line side by side, following the circle of planes in front - we could hear them for at least 4 minutes after passing, that’s how loud it was."

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