Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Witness chases UFO in both Ohio and Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 14, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania and Ohio, USA

"At approximately 10:30 PM, I noticed a bright, star-like object that was stationary in the sky to the northwest of Sharon, PA. From where I saw it, this would put it over Trumbull County, OH. At first thought, I was wondering if it might be Venus, but it seemed larger than that, and I know Venus does not appear in the northwest sky.

In addition, the light had an occasional flicker as if it was a star. I thought, though, that the flicker might be coming from twigs at the tops of trees that may not have been readily apparent in the night sky from where I was seeing the light. I became curious and decided to try to get a better view, so I headed west from where I was to downtown Sharon, PA.

Once in the downtown area, the object appeared as what can be described in terms of size and brightness as an outside incandescent porch light of a house that would be about 4/10 of a mile away from where I was. The lighted object appeared just above the tree line at the top of the West Hill area of Sharon, PA. At this point, I knew what I was seeing was something unusual, because it was low in the sky and there were no blinking red, white, or blue lights surrounding it that would indicate some type of commercial or private human aircraft.

I decided I wanted to get a better look, so I proceeded through the downtown area and out the northwest side of town in the direction of the light. I had lost sight of the object for a little while until I got to an area of high ground on route 846 where the light would occasionally disappear behind trees on the west side of the highway.

By now the light seemed that it was more above me rather than so much in the distance and appeared to have a more yellowish cast. I continued to search for more open space, so I turned left at the next main intersection and headed west into Trumbull County, OH.

There are a lot of wooded areas in the area I was in, so I was searching for more open farm fields well into Trumbull County to get a better view. There were large gaps between visuals of the light because of the trees, but managed to get my best view while on route 305 about 2 to 3 miles west of Hartford Center. However, by this time the object had moved quite a distance to the northwest heading in a northwesterly direction.

At this point, although still quite large and yet at a greater distance away, the object appeared more yellowish-orange and more pulsating. I continued to pursue while on route 305 until lost sight of object behind the distant trees to the northwest of route 11. This is where I ended my chase believing that I was not going to catch up to it, and it was already about 11 PM."

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