Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paranormal Case #3 - Mothman

In early November, 1966 various reports became to come in of a huge bird-like creature with red-glowing eyes around the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The sightings were focused around an area the locals call “TNT”, because it had been used as an explosives depot during the Second World War and there were many abandoned chemical and industrial plants in the vicinity. Sightings were made throughout the year and not before long they became more and more bizarre; now also reports of UFOs and “Men in Black” came in to the local police station. Soon the sightings begun to die out and the creature they called “Mothman” were not seen again.

Evidence for:
There are several evidences that support that something strange lurked around Point Pleasant. Many reports, actually topping around 100, from very credible persons were handed in to police, who actually took it seriously and investigated Mothman, but they didn’t find anything.

Evidence against:
There is not in any way any physical evidence from Mothman supporting its existence. There are several theories what the witnesses actually saw. Probably what they was just an big owl, maybe an barn or snowy owl. Also skeptics suggest that the Mothman's glowing eyes are actually red-eye caused from the reflection of light, from flashlights, or other light sources that witnesses may have had with them.

This story sounds at first like the creation of an overworked comic book writer, but according to the well over 100 reportedly saw this creature it was real. It’s hard to dismiss everyone’s sigthing, but it’s likely the creature they saw was just an oversized owl and the result of human paranoia.

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