Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cigar shaped UFO - long as football field over Michigan

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 25, 2010
Date of event: February 16, 2010
Location of event: Okemos, Michigan

"On February 16, 2010, at or about 3:08 PM, I was driving south on N. Meridian Rd, north of Grand Rives Ave, near Okemos, MI. Weather was very cloudy, solid, dark storm type clouds, they did not appear to be moving. I was not looking at the sky, but noticed large movement through the tops of approaching trees.

I realized immediately what I was seeing was not normal and slowed the car to a crawl, all most stop, as I am not one to look away from the road in front of me while driving. I saw a large oblong shape (cigar shape) at least the length of a football field or even longer. The height I can only guess was maybe 80 to 100 foot tall. It was maybe 1000 foot off the ground. I really do not know, but did measure with my hand. It was darker then the clouds behind it.

It was a matted, flat charcoal black with very defined edges, it seemed like it was outlined in a darker black at the edges. If it were not for the darker edges, it almost would have been camouflaged to the clouds behind it, but the edges made the shape very defined and stand right out. The shape was moving southeast steadily, but much slower than an airplane. My brain tried to say that it was a HUGE black airplane, however there were no wings. If it were a plane I could see it clear enough.

I should have seen huge wings, but it was way, way, too big to be a plane, and moving too slow to be a plane. I watched it for about 10 seconds then it disappeared. About 6 seconds after that, it reappeared for about 15 seconds again, still moving in the same direction. No lights, it just disappeared again. I thought maybe I should stop and just watch for a few minutes, then decided to go slow and keep glancing for it in the direction it was headed, and I could get past the trees, and maybe see it totally unobstructed from trees.

Although, in no way did the trees prevent or alter what I was seeing, I just wanted complete view without any trees. I continued south on Meridian Rd seeing nothing. I crossed Grand Rive Ave, continued on, when I came to the I-96 overpass. About 5 minutes after seeing the object I decided to stop the car on top of the overpass and just look, as long as no cars were on the road. I figured I would just look in the direction the craft was heading when I saw it, taking advantage of the height of the overpass and wide-open space and maybe see it again.

I was not stopped but maybe 30 seconds and I saw a lightning-like, almost blinding pulse-type intensity flash of blue, white clear light in the sky at about the same height as the object was flying. The flash was not lighnting. It held a large oblong shape for the entire time it was visible, about 6 seconds. I would say the shape was the size of a large two-story house.

It was directly over the highway towards Williamston. It seemed to have depth somehow in the center. I have to feel this was related, as that area would have been about where the object would have been if it continued on the same path of flight and speed it was traveling just minutes earlier. I cannot think of anything else in the area that it could have been. It was not a normal thing to see, and it was above the highway, which goes on for miles in the same direction at the same elevation, it would not have been a reflection from traffic in the distance, it was too high. It reminded me of a huge doorway, but it was like lightning. There were cars approaching so I moved on.

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