Saturday, February 13, 2010

Group of Multi-colored Lights Move over South Dakota

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010

"My friend Liz and I were driving south on a desolate road south of Sisseton, SD, at exactly 10:19 PM, Wednesday evening, when she said "Dorene what is that?"

When I looked up to the left in the sky, I'd guess 30 miles out traveling south to north was a cluster of the goofiest looking lights I had ever seen.

They were clustered together like one big one, then to the right of that big red light were a few small ones, then a big bright red one again.

It floated erratically across the sky. Liz and I were screaming in the car at the excitement of seeing such an odd-shaped lighting arrangement, when all of a sudden 2 bright, white lights shot out the back of the red-lighted thing, then disappeared.

We watched the cluster of red, amber lights change shape a few times like it was spinning or morphing, always changing, not like a normal craft, which blinks the same continuously until it was behind us, instead of in the front of us, as it turned into a star and stayed stationary a few seconds.

Then we lost sight of it as it just blinked out.

We again started screaming in excitement at what we had just seen. I have become very interested in Ufology in the last few years, and believe we are not alone, and what we saw, I believe, was not of earthly origin.

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