Friday, February 19, 2010

Best evidence caught by Ghost Adventures

Here are some videos showing the best evidence caught by Ghost Adventures.


  1. what a giant bunch of bullshit. i believe in the paranormal but i dont believe that it occurs like clock work on every single episode. It clears that at least some of this hoaxed

    1. they wouldn't show if they didn't find anything obviously because they have to worry about ratings.. it's still a tv show and it would be pretty boring if they showed an episode where nothing happened. I'm sure they've had investigations where they didn't find anything they're just not gonna talk about it on the show

  2. It's an hour long show and they are there all night. That is like 10+ hours of footage that they don't show per episode. Because nothing happens.

  3. I love the people who are super quick to discredit stuff like this. As the above reply mentioned you cant afford to air everything. It costs a ton of money to produce these shows and they aren't going to waste a single penny airing moments where nothing happened just to "prove" that they aren't faking their evidence. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the things they do in these shows irritates me to all hell, but for the most part I wouldn't say that its doctored at all. People are so quick to refute things that they don't understand or claim that its faked, when in reality that's the whole point of it. It's not supposed to make sense, hence the term PARANORMAL. Oh and btw the amount of money they would have to spend to doctor up fake evidence every episode for the ratings they get in respect to main stream network television, would bankrupt them and have them off the air rather quickly.