Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Norwood searchlight incident

This is a little known case in the history of UFOs. But it constitutes stunning amount evidence not find in many other UFO cases. Not only are many films and photographs available but there are thousands of independent and reliable witnesses, including members of the Catholic clergy, the press and the police.

Credible witnesses
This chain of events occurred under a long time span, with its beginning on August 19, 1949 and ending in March of 1950. Under this period an almost unbelievable wave of UFO sightings were logged in the Norwood, Ohio area. The reported sightings were often of an odd stationary object which was seen by people on the ground.

It’s often said that the credibility of these sighting is based upon the reputation of the witnesses. Report were coming from the whole spectrum of human society, they came clergies, scientists, police and military officials, as well as civilians. But there are also other types of evidence. On October 23, 1949 Norwood Police sergeant Leo Davidson took photographs of the unknown objects and Reverend Gregory Miller took 2 reels of 25 foot motion picture film.

Explanation unknown
These reported sightings were often reported in the local press, but the articles did not receive much attention. The media were minimizing the sigthing reports and press reports that what they’ve seen was nothing more than searchlight reflections from the cloud cover. This theory was well founded. . Several churches and at least one theatre in the area were operating searchlights on the first night of the reports. But when reports of objects in daylight started to appear, this theory seemed more unlikely. Another theory was that they were just weather balloons, but the objects seen by the public seemed motionless, despite quite strong winds, debunking weather balloon theory.

It’s a shame for today’s ufologists that there were data no sophisticated gathering at the time of the sightings. Many people have over the years tried to explain these unknown light but no one have come up with reasonable expiation, and still what hovered over the skies of Norwood, Ohio in 1949 is unknown. Making it a true UFO.

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