Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unknown lights in triangular shape over Texas

Report from MUFON: Date of event: April 19, 2011

“I took the dogs outside before they were to be put in their crate for the night.

I went to check the front door and garage door locks, and then I went out the back door. I heard a plane and saw it flying south, and it made me remember a story I read on a website about a UFO following a plane. Upon remembering that, I tried to get a good look at the plane, but it was hidden by my neighbor's tree.

I kept looking around in the sky because of some feeling I had that I was going to see something. And sure enough, I saw three white lights in the sky in a triangle shape.

At first I thought it was another plane flying overhead because of the placement of the lights, but I not only did not see the body of the plane, but the lights moved independently of each other as they quickly moved east/northeast.

The light on the right (southern-most one) veered away from the other two at an angle, and then they zoomed off until my neighbor's house blocked them from my view. This event took maybe 15-20 seconds from the time I noticed the lights until they disappeared behind the house.

I'm not saying it was alien-craft, but it just did not look like anything I had seen before. A minute or two later I went back inside and saw that the time on my stove said 11:49 pm (central time, and it might have been off by a few minutes).

I'm normally anxious at the unknown, but I was pretty excited to see such a sight, not scared at all.”

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