Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lights brighten up hill at Sudbury, Ontario

Report from MUFON: Date of event: April 3, 2011

“I was driving taxi just in the border of the city and it was a dark road when I saw an orange light in the sky. It looked like a street light, but higher in the sky and my passenger saw it too.I proceeded to drive client home and drove back to the location to see if it was still there.

There were lights off in the distance; I would say two or three kilometers over a hill. It had three lights - blue, red and white, and was not in the normal pattern for a commercial airline or helicopter as we see them all the time. It had one bright white light pulsating very brightly under the others randomly.

The light was bright enough to light up the hill it was over. It was very interesting, but I had to leave because I was dispatched to a fare. I didn't see anything after that except for a helicopter about 30 minutes after, but could tell it was one.

It is very interested that others in Ontario have witnessed something on that date and time. UFO flap?”

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