Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shiny, metallic UFO observed by couple over Tulsa, Oklahoma

Report from MUFON: Date of event: April 13, 2011

“My wife and I were headed West on Hwy. 11 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at 11:50 AM about 6 miles North of downtown Tulsa.

I saw thru my windshield at about 11 - 12 o'clock high into a clear blue sky something oval to almost round-lights, like 2 very, very, bright lights inside the shape. It seemed to be a shiny metallic outside the lights.

My wife saw it about the same time. At first I thought it might be a bright reflection on the windshield from the sun, but the sun was behind the car over my left shoulder.

The object was moving to the northwest. After driving 2 miles watching the object, we turned to North on Hwy. 75 to go to an appointment in Bartlesville.

The object had started losing the 2 bright lights, and seemed to change to dull gray color and shaped like a cigar or missle-shaped. It seemed to sort of fade away briefly. After heading North on Hwy. 75 for about 15 seconds, we could still see it, but it faded away again.

After a few seconds it appeared again from lower in west sky and accelerated up at about a 20 degree angle going North/West direction - still dull gray in color, cigar-shaped with like a rudder on the back of it. We watched it for about a mile down the Hwy. headed North, and it just faded away or disappeared.

We should have been able to see it in the blue sky for quite a ways with the weather conditions, but it just vanished.

It was really weird and we'll never forget it.”

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