Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Infestation of Ghosts: 120 Year Old Home

“April 23, 2011, Saturday. 1800 Hours. The cars start pulling up. My investigators: Judy Raderchak and Regina Tellez of EGPI (Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations/HPI; Ann Olson-Dupire; Chantal Apodaca show up to do a radio show with me on WTF Radio - hosts: Christy Wardlow and Sinlou Ingraffia.

Everyone had a chance to talk about a special investigation they liked or experiences they had. We had a blast on the show, lots of fun and laughter. I even had a blast from the past - Ana Maria Colon-Sawyer, my ex-girlfriend from the 70s was on the air! We talked about ghosts, demons, Bigfoot, UFOs and I even think we talked about Chupacabras!

I had crackers, cheese, sausage, Cokes, Captain Morgan rum and coke waiting for my investigators! Judy brought over 'Ghost Pines' white wine, fitting for the occasion…”


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