Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green-lit triangle UFO seen over Viera, Florida

Report from MUFON: Date of event: April 11, 2011

“I was leaving a popular Strip Mall in Viera, Florida, last night. I did my usual run where I would sit there with my boyfriend and a few dear friends and just chit chat all night until we all decided to go elsewhere or just go home.

11:00 PM rolled around and we decided to leave after awhile. We all walked out to our cars said our "goodbyes" and left. Right as I was pulling out with my roomate, I looked into the sky.

What I saw didn't surprise me, as I grew up keeping an eye out for this stuff, and have seen my share of UFOs, but the shock factor here was how low it was!

Plus it was my friend's first ever UFO sighting. I slowly pointed up, assuming she'd miss it or something, and said "Dude, what the hell... ? Did you see that? PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me you see that!"

Thankfully, she did.

"What on Earth?! What is that? Holy crap, that's weird! Is that a UFO?" It was 3 green lights, lit up in the shape of a triangle. Then all at once, they blackened into the night... I got excited and called my boyfriend to tell him.

When he answered, I begin to tell my story about what we just saw, and then suddenly he cuts me off. Come to find out he saw the exact same thing! So, I tried to call our other two friends who had left as well. No answer.

A few hours later they showed up at our door. And when I mentioned something being in the sky, they replied "Oh yeah! We saw the triangle green Lights!" My boyfriend also told me later; he watched the thing hovering in just one spot for a long period of time, and again no sound at all. He could see it from afar when the lights turned back on, he said. But then it disappeared again...

We are not alone.”

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