Cryptozoology is the hunt for legendary and though to be lost animals lurking around the globe. Almost every country today has their own cryptozoological mystery. The US has the Bigfoot, Africa has a dinosaur (!) called Mokele-mbembe that is said to live in the swamps of central Africa, Australia has an own Bigfoot-like creature called Yowie, Asia has the almost legendary Yeti who inhabits the Himalayas and finally Europe with the probably most famous of them all, Nessie.

Lake monsters
We know more about the surface of the moon than we know the surfaces of our own oceans (about one percent has been investigated) and every year we discover new spices we never thought could exist. But is it possible that large unknown animals could be lurking deep in the seas? Once in awhile we get a glimpse of a large mysterious creature that briefly breaks the waters.

Image left: This photo was taken in 1972 in Loch Ness, Scotland during an investigation.

And some lucky cases, people have been fortunate enough to take of photograph or a video of what they saw. We live on a large body covered with about 30 percent of land and the rest of water. With the oceans still largely unexplored, the interest for these mysterious water legends will continue for a long time ahead.

A mysterious growl echo’s through the night. You suddenly stop, in front of you are tracks far larger than any other animals and in the corner of your eye you see something big moving in the dark. What you’ve just experienced is a mysterious creature called Bigfoot, a big and hairy human like creature said to be lurking in some forest areas of the world, especially in the American Pacific Northwest.

But could really a huge and hairy creature called Bigfoot inhabit the forested parts of our planet? Actually there are many people that think so and has the subject for debate ever since 1958 when the first alleged prints the Bigfoot begun to show up. Today we also have several photographs, videos, but they remain all controversial. And we must consider the hundreds of witnesses that can swear on that they saw no other than Bigfoot.

Bigfoot also has a family tree with cousins spread on to almost all continents. In Tibet, the Yeti roams the snowy mountainsides of the Himalayas. In Australia, Yowie is said walking around in the dense forest. Both the Yeti and Yowie shows, according to reports, many physical similarities with its American cousin Bigfoot. Whatever skeptics may think, there are some compelling evidence that the creature known as Bigfoot really exist does.

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