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MoD to destroy future UFO reports

"The Ministry of Defence will destroy all future UFO reports it receives so it does not have to make them public, a previously secret memo reveals.

Britain's official UFO investigation unit and hotline were closed down at the start of December.

Since then reports of strange sights in the skies sent to the MoD have been kept for 30 days before being thrown out, the newly released policy document shows...

Part of an article from The Sun - Continue reading

Triangle UFO photographed over California, 2009

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 26, 2010
Date of event: November 29, 2009
Location of event: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California

"On November 29, 2009 my husband, my son and I were out in Anza Borrego Desert exploring. We were in Grapevine Canyon; we stopped at 1:30 pm to eat lunch. We were close to the end of the canyon in an old Indian village looking around. At approximately 1:54 pm we heard a military jet go by. We looked up and saw to the left of us a silver object. It moved across the sky from left to right slowly, then it broke apart into what looked like a larger triangle of three silver balls. It then moved slowly and went back to the smaller object which was a smaller triangle. My husband yelled "UFO" and I started taking pictures. What is weird with the three pictures I am sending to you is that in the third picture it does not take off and disappear...It disappears in place. The wires you see in the photos are telephone wires.

Grapevine Canyon is a sandy trail located between the Volcan Mountains and Grapevine Hills into Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Grapevine Canyon can be reached via a road that passes through private property off S22. Another access is from S22 through the Jasper Trail which is more towards the west end of the Grapevine Canyon.

Unknown lights over Florida caught on photograph

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 27, 2010
Date of event: February 26, 2010
Location of event: Florida, USA

"I was driving to work at 5:00 AM, when I saw 4 lights in an arrow form. There were 2 lights on one side, 2 lights on the other.

I kept driving and when I looked up again, the lights were moving. They seemed to be interweaving for a few seconds, they they spread out in a straight line.

Then they began to disappear one by one.

Cigar shaped UFO - long as football field over Michigan

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 25, 2010
Date of event: February 16, 2010
Location of event: Okemos, Michigan

"On February 16, 2010, at or about 3:08 PM, I was driving south on N. Meridian Rd, north of Grand Rives Ave, near Okemos, MI. Weather was very cloudy, solid, dark storm type clouds, they did not appear to be moving. I was not looking at the sky, but noticed large movement through the tops of approaching trees.

I realized immediately what I was seeing was not normal and slowed the car to a crawl, all most stop, as I am not one to look away from the road in front of me while driving. I saw a large oblong shape (cigar shape) at least the length of a football field or even longer. The height I can only guess was maybe 80 to 100 foot tall. It was maybe 1000 foot off the ground. I really do not know, but did measure with my hand. It was darker then the clouds behind it.

It was a matted, flat charcoal black with very defined edges, it seemed like it was outlined in a darker black at the edges. If it were not for the darker edges, it almost would have been camouflaged to the clouds behind it, but the edges made the shape very defined and stand right out. The shape was moving southeast steadily, but much slower than an airplane. My brain tried to say that it was a HUGE black airplane, however there were no wings. If it were a plane I could see it clear enough.

I should have seen huge wings, but it was way, way, too big to be a plane, and moving too slow to be a plane. I watched it for about 10 seconds then it disappeared. About 6 seconds after that, it reappeared for about 15 seconds again, still moving in the same direction. No lights, it just disappeared again. I thought maybe I should stop and just watch for a few minutes, then decided to go slow and keep glancing for it in the direction it was headed, and I could get past the trees, and maybe see it totally unobstructed from trees.

Although, in no way did the trees prevent or alter what I was seeing, I just wanted complete view without any trees. I continued south on Meridian Rd seeing nothing. I crossed Grand Rive Ave, continued on, when I came to the I-96 overpass. About 5 minutes after seeing the object I decided to stop the car on top of the overpass and just look, as long as no cars were on the road. I figured I would just look in the direction the craft was heading when I saw it, taking advantage of the height of the overpass and wide-open space and maybe see it again.

I was not stopped but maybe 30 seconds and I saw a lightning-like, almost blinding pulse-type intensity flash of blue, white clear light in the sky at about the same height as the object was flying. The flash was not lighnting. It held a large oblong shape for the entire time it was visible, about 6 seconds. I would say the shape was the size of a large two-story house.

It was directly over the highway towards Williamston. It seemed to have depth somehow in the center. I have to feel this was related, as that area would have been about where the object would have been if it continued on the same path of flight and speed it was traveling just minutes earlier. I cannot think of anything else in the area that it could have been. It was not a normal thing to see, and it was above the highway, which goes on for miles in the same direction at the same elevation, it would not have been a reflection from traffic in the distance, it was too high. It reminded me of a huge doorway, but it was like lightning. There were cars approaching so I moved on.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canadian researcher snaps sasquatch in Vancouver?

"A Canadian researcher managed to take a picture of the face of the legendary hairy giant – the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games 2010.

Randy Brisson, a well-known Canadian cryptozoologist, shared hot information with his Russian colleagues. The researcher sent a photograph of the North American Bigfoot to Igor Burtsev and Dmitry Bayanov, the directors of the International Center for Hominology. The Canadian took the picture of the creature in Vancouver, the capital of Winter Games 2010.

Brisson assured his Russian colleagues that it was a photo of the legendary Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. The popularity of the mythical creature has won it the honor to become a symbol and a mascot of Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Mr. Brisson’s photo may mean that the mascots ramble somewhere in the woods of the Olympic city.

The Canadian cryptozoologist said that he had seen a Sasquatch peeking out from behind a huge stub in the woods near Pitt Lake. The spot, where the creature was supposedly photographed, is quite far from sports objects...

Part of an article from Pravda - Read more

Top 10 Ghost Images - #5

This photograph was taken in September, 1999 at Sefton Church is an ancient structure (started in the 12th century and finished in the early 16th century) in Merseyside, England, just north of Liverpool.

According to Brad Steiger's Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places, where this photo was found, there was only one other photographer in the church beside the person who took this picture. Neither of them recalled seeing the ghost or any flesh-and-blood person standing there who could account for this image. Because the figure is all in black, it has been theorized that the apparition could be that of a church minister.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Motorist sees triangle UFO over Florida

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 23, 2010
Date of event: February 18, 2010
Location of event: Orlando, Florida

"While traveling from the Atlanta, GA, to the Ft. Lauderdale area, on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 18, at around 9:15 PM, I was driving south on Florida's Turnpike, when I noticed some light in the sky, off to my left, which caught and held my attention. I immediately asked myself, "What is that?" The light I saw was standing still, way up in the air. I thought that it might be on a tower... but it would have had to have been 200 feet up in the sky, and that didn't make sense.

So I kept glancing at it as I drove on, trying to figure out what I was seeing. I managed to see some light reflected off the object, and I made out that this huge flying object was just hovering in the sky, and the light on it was constant... it was not blinking.

I could not stop anywhere along the road... it was pitch black and it would not have been safe. So I continued for a few more minutes, constantly checking the object. I saw what appeared to be a black, very large, boomerang-shaped aircraft, with a light, and not moving... just hovering in the sky.

Unfortunately, when I could finally stop, it was at a very well lighted service area, which prevented me from really getting a good look at the object. At that point, it seemed to slowly move off, but I was not able to make out the entire shape of the craft. As I got back on the road, I noticed that there were lots of planes in the sky, also off to my left, as I was near an airport, around Orlando, FL.

However, as I studied the planes and their lights, it was very clear to me that the light on the object that I saw was not at all like the lights on the planes I was now seeing. That led me to believe that my eyes were not playing tricks on me. I had actually seen a huge, unidentified flying object in the sky. I just wish I could have parked sooner and gotten a good look... and perhaps a snapshot.

Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot photographs

These pictures were captured on Silver Star Mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest outside Yacolt, Washington, November 17, 2005. They were taken by a backpacker from Vancouver who says he doesn't know what the figure was, but that he does not believe that it was another hiker or backpacker.

By taking a closer look at the photographs you can see pretty clearly that it is indeed a bipedal hominoid creature, but it could as well just been a human. Many other sightings of similar creatures have been made in the area, but the existence of the creature remains a mystery.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Unknown light in configurations over New Hampshire

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 16, 2010
Date of event: February 13, 2010
Location of event: Hartland, Vermont

"A friend and I were grilling steaks on our back deck and admiring the beautiful night sky. There were clouds, but very high up. It was windy, from the northwest. My friend first noticed three configurations of five red lights each, steady and not blinking. They were close to a mile up in altitude, and some distance away, over New Hampshire on the east side of the Connecticut River.

We were situated near the top of Cobb Hill with a clear view of the area in which these lights appeared to be situated. The groups were far apart, at least fifty to a hundred yards. They were positioned one over the other, but not in a straight line, the middle group being to the right of a straight line between the top and bottom groups.

What was noticeable was that the lights did not move relative to the ground or relative to each other for close to five minutes; they just hung there in the air. I left my friend and went inside to get the others in our group. By the time I returned, probably twenty seconds later, my friend said that the lights just left almost instantly just before we had come outside.

We speculated as to what the lights might have been. They were much too high to be something tethered to the ground. If they were aircraft or helicopters they would have moved, at least relative to each other. They were too far apart to be lights from the same vessel of any kind. We could not come up with a reasonable explanation.

The sighting was not frightening, but puzzling. Neither my friend nor I have ever seen or reported a sighting of any kind before. I don't drink and he had had less than one beer. Neither of us uses drugs nor is either of us on any kind of suspect medication that might have affected our senses or perceptions, and we saw exactly the same thing.

Unidentified object seen and videotaped over Texas

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 18, 2010
Date of event: February 16, 2010
Location of event: Texas

"Just like the people that saw this in Vernon Lake in Louisiana… they got pics and I got some video… hope they get to see this. I walked outside of our home and saw an orange looking orb to the east from HWY 21 in Geneva TX. I went back in and got my camera and my wife and took some video.

This thing would fade out for a long time and then the light might be 1 or 2 and then fade again. I waited and filmed what I could from about 7 - 10:00 PM. The videos are shaky because I am free holding the camera, and it's not on a tripod.

I phoned 3 friends and they saw it also, one of those said she saw it until 11:00 PM. I think that the best video on here is #4285 (shown below) when a truck passes our home and it helps to see how large it is, and you can see what we are seeing on the horizon to the east from here.

I saw a triangle (1/2 to 1 mile wide) in 2003, missed catching it on camera, and now I have a camera near me since then and I’m always looking up. We have ruled out that this was a natural gas flare, because it moved from 90 degrees to about 100-110 degrees within 3 hours from where I was standing.

I will be watching the skies again tonight.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 10 Ghost Images - #6

This photo was taken on November 16, 1968 when Robert A. Ferguson, author of several titles on health and telepathy, was giving a speech at a Spiritualist convention in Los Angeles, California. Faintly appearing next to Ferguson is a figure that he later identified as his brother, Walter, who died in 1944 during World War II. At first is seems possible that it could just have been an double exposure, but this photo being an Polaroid, the theory of an double exposure seems quite unlikely.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paranormal Case #3 - Mothman

In early November, 1966 various reports became to come in of a huge bird-like creature with red-glowing eyes around the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The sightings were focused around an area the locals call “TNT”, because it had been used as an explosives depot during the Second World War and there were many abandoned chemical and industrial plants in the vicinity. Sightings were made throughout the year and not before long they became more and more bizarre; now also reports of UFOs and “Men in Black” came in to the local police station. Soon the sightings begun to die out and the creature they called “Mothman” were not seen again.

Evidence for:
There are several evidences that support that something strange lurked around Point Pleasant. Many reports, actually topping around 100, from very credible persons were handed in to police, who actually took it seriously and investigated Mothman, but they didn’t find anything.

Evidence against:
There is not in any way any physical evidence from Mothman supporting its existence. There are several theories what the witnesses actually saw. Probably what they was just an big owl, maybe an barn or snowy owl. Also skeptics suggest that the Mothman's glowing eyes are actually red-eye caused from the reflection of light, from flashlights, or other light sources that witnesses may have had with them.

This story sounds at first like the creation of an overworked comic book writer, but according to the well over 100 reportedly saw this creature it was real. It’s hard to dismiss everyone’s sigthing, but it’s likely the creature they saw was just an oversized owl and the result of human paranoia.

<-- Previous case - Are there aliens at Area 51?

Strange lights seen over Gulf Breeze, Florida

Strange lights caught on tape over Gulf Breeze, Florida in May, 1988

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top 10 Ghost Images - #7

This photograph was taken by GRS member Mari Huff during an investigation at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, near Chicago, Illinois, on August 10, 1991. Mari took the photograph using a high-speed infrared camera in an area where the group had experienced some anomalies with their ghost-hunting equipment. The cemetery was empty except the GRS members.

This cemetery is one of the most haunted in USA, with well over 100 different reports of strange phenomena, including apparitions, unexplained sights and sounds, and even glowing balls of light.

Bigfoot activity in Canada?

The caption from the original uploader:

"Stuff we saw in an area of extremely high Sasquatch activity. September 2009.

The "barks strips", were created when the top of the tree came off, pulling back a thick layer of wood as the tree top fell to the ground. It's not Sasquatch related, but something which I have never seen before. There was wood knocking going on while I was filming it though.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Norwood searchlight incident

This is a little known case in the history of UFOs. But it constitutes stunning amount evidence not find in many other UFO cases. Not only are many films and photographs available but there are thousands of independent and reliable witnesses, including members of the Catholic clergy, the press and the police.

Credible witnesses
This chain of events occurred under a long time span, with its beginning on August 19, 1949 and ending in March of 1950. Under this period an almost unbelievable wave of UFO sightings were logged in the Norwood, Ohio area. The reported sightings were often of an odd stationary object which was seen by people on the ground.

It’s often said that the credibility of these sighting is based upon the reputation of the witnesses. Report were coming from the whole spectrum of human society, they came clergies, scientists, police and military officials, as well as civilians. But there are also other types of evidence. On October 23, 1949 Norwood Police sergeant Leo Davidson took photographs of the unknown objects and Reverend Gregory Miller took 2 reels of 25 foot motion picture film.

Explanation unknown
These reported sightings were often reported in the local press, but the articles did not receive much attention. The media were minimizing the sigthing reports and press reports that what they’ve seen was nothing more than searchlight reflections from the cloud cover. This theory was well founded. . Several churches and at least one theatre in the area were operating searchlights on the first night of the reports. But when reports of objects in daylight started to appear, this theory seemed more unlikely. Another theory was that they were just weather balloons, but the objects seen by the public seemed motionless, despite quite strong winds, debunking weather balloon theory.

It’s a shame for today’s ufologists that there were data no sophisticated gathering at the time of the sightings. Many people have over the years tried to explain these unknown light but no one have come up with reasonable expiation, and still what hovered over the skies of Norwood, Ohio in 1949 is unknown. Making it a true UFO.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Best evidence caught by Ghost Adventures

Here are some videos showing the best evidence caught by Ghost Adventures.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bigfoot caught on tape back in 1995?

Strange footage from Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in the northern part of California. Taken on August 18, 1995 by TV-film crew. But is it Bigfoot or just a guy in a costume? I have my doubts.

More information about the footage

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unknown lights seen by multiple witnesses in Illinois

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 12, 2010
Date of event: January 19, 2010
Location of event: Illinois, USA

"I was taking my daughter home after work this evening. It was about 11:00 at night and we were sitting by her mailbox when we noticed lights down the road towards the rental property she lives in on a farm here.

The lights were small, much like backup lights on a car, so we just thought that it was her landlords working on a farm truck. We sat by the mailbox and waited a minute or so for them to come out of the road. When after a few minutes the lights were still there, I pulled my car up closer to the lights.

As we approached them, they backed up into the hayfield. I had my car window rolled down to listen at the neighbors entrance, where the lights were on the road. Their dogs were barking, crying and howling! We didn’t hear any motor noises from the “farm truck,” and wondered why it backed all the way to the back of the hayfield! Then the two lights got bigger and brighter, though there was no beam.

As soon as we saw them rise up into the air, we knew it wasn’t our friends in any farm truck. I speed up to catch up, and the faster I went, the fast it went. The lights, bigger now, went up and over the fence of the hayfield, across the farmer's road, across the fence to the cow pasture and went along about 15 feet above the ground.

I was speeding at this point, faster than I would have ever driven down the road , maybe 25 mph, but couldn’t catch up. It flew under some power lines and straight up into the air and behind my daughter’s house where it “hung” there until we got into the lot in front of her house.

We sat in front of her house and looked up at the lights for about a minute, when they just “poof” went out, or the thing sped away. We had both front windows of the car open by now, and can verify that there was not a single sound of any motor or of any power plant within the UFO.

And again, there was no beam of light coming in our direction or any other. The lights were just there! We found out the next day that our friend, the landlady of the farm, had seen the lights when she came home, about 30 minutes before we did.

She saw it in the area, above the river, behind the house, in about the same location that we had last seen it. So we know that it had been hanging around for a much longer time than we saw it. We were all very happy to see what we know was a UFO

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Multiple objects hover over river in Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010
Location of event: Wilsonville, Oregon

"Upon arriving home from shopping, I was looking south from Wilsonville. I noted a bright, orange, round orb approaching from the southeast.

At first I thought it might be a plane until it stopped mid-air over the Willamette river.

The distance I would estimate was between 1/4-1/2 mile from my position.

The object hung in the air, motionless for several minutes. Looking south, the first object was joined by another orb that was pulsating different colors.

It stopped at the same elevation as the first orb. Both seemed to be about the same diameter, although the orange orb was closer to my vantage point.

This is my first official report of this occurrence.

I have noted lights moving to the river before, but have never had the opportunity to have an unobstructed view.

The orbs hung motionless for a number of minutes at approximately 500 feet altitude.

I went inside to get my binoculars, and upon returning to my vantage spot noted the objects still holding their distance and altitude, but moving together in a northeasterly direction until they both disappeared behind the trees.

Bright, moving object lights hood of motorist's truck in Maine

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 26, 2010
Location of event: Maine, USA

"I was returning from a Town Hall meeting in my small, rural Maine town heading to my home on a rural road. I was driving my newer model pickup truck.

The time was 8:14 PM on January 26, 2010. It was fully dark outside, and the sky was clear.

This road does not have any street lights, and there were no other cars around. About 1/2 mile from my home, a very bright, white light came from behind me in the sky and flew directly over my truck.

It appeared to be a shooting star, but after approximately a second of watching it, it changed direction from straight away from me to a very sharp angle off to my right.

The object did not slow down, flicker, or change intensity as it changed direction. It simply went from going away from me, to going off to my right in the sky.

When it passed over me, it actually lit up the hood of my truck - it was that bright.

I estimate I saw the object for approximately one to two seconds before it changed direction, then for approximately another 1/2 - 1 second after it changed direction... for a total of approximately 1 1/2 seconds to 3 seconds.

After the object changed direction, it simply disappeared.

At first I couldn't (in my mind) reconcile what I had seen. It started out as a really bright shooting star in my mind, but when it changed directions so abruptly, I couldn't come to terms with what I might have witnessed

Monday, February 15, 2010

Unidentified lights create triangle over Kansas

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 9, 2010
Location of event: Pratt, Kansas

"Kansas - 01-10-10 - Viewed over Pratt, Kansas - Saturday January 9, 2010 - 8:55 PM: My date had pointed out the constellation Orion while we were walking up her sidewalk.

We were then looking upwards towards the eastern sky when 3 dim, but distinct white lights forming an equilateral triangle flew overhead at high speed on about an 80 degree easterly heading.

No outline of a craft was visible. The lights each had appearances more like that of illuminated rings rather than being solid, and the intensity of each ring was about that of a medium star that is easily observable.

If there had been street or yard lights nearby, they probably would not have been visible. I definitely feel that they were all on one craft of some sort, as they did not vary in distance or orientation to each other at all.

As for the size, the palm of your hand would have covered them all with your arm extended. The diameter of each ring was approximately 25% of each leg of the triangle. They had already passed overhead when we spotted them at about 75 degrees above the eastern horizon.

I’d estimate that they traveled 30 to 35 degrees of the sky in 3 to 4 seconds, before we lost sight behind the trees and roof. The wind was calm and we heard absolutely no sound.

This craft had just gone out of sight when we spotted a single ring of light of the same magnitude and speed following a parallel path slightly to the south. It may have been slightly larger than the other rings.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slow-moving UFO over Wiltshire in June, 2009

Strange footage slow-moving UFO over Wiltshire in June, 2009.

Top 10 Ghost Images - #8

This photograph was taken on August 17, 1997 and shows an elderly woman with a man standing behind. The man is believed to be her husband. The only problem? Her husband passed away 13 years earlier in 1984. What is in the picture is still today a mystery.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Idaho pilot's 1959 UFO photograph released

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: Spring, 1959
Location of event: Idaho, USA

"I am telling this story as related to me in 2008 by a former employer who wishes to remain anonymous. He is a Loveland, Colorado business owner in his 80's, a conservative WWII vet who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and is the least likely person you'd think would ever try to put on a hoax.

I was amazed when I brought up the subject of UFOs one day, and he told me his story and went to his desk and pulled out a picture he took of a formation of UFOs he saw. I examined the picture and it was a genuine photo on Kodak paper, obviously aged a bit, but still in very good condition. With his permission I scanned it at high resolution and am including it with this report.

He recalls he was flying west with a friend near Idaho Falls, ID, just west of Yellowstone Park in spring 1959, he couldn't recall the exact month.

The plane he owned for years is called a "Moonie", aviation buffs would know what type it is, and I assume that was the plane he was flying. The time was midday, he estimated it to be between noon and one o'clock.

He said they were flying at 120 MPH at about 10,000 feet when his friend commented on a formation below them crossing an unidentified lake. After watching the objects for a few moments, they realized the objects were far too big to be birds, being visible from that altitude.

He got his camera out and snapped 2 pictures, one included here, and the other which I inspected which he said showed the objects banked on edge, but which were virtually undetectable in the photo so I didn't include it with this report.

Shortly afterwards, the objects shot upwards and ascended to their altitude in a matter of seconds, circled the plane twice, shot off into the distance and were lost to sight in a few seconds.

He said they looked like silver discs with no insignia or other detail, and estimated their speed at 800-900 MPH. They continued on their flight path and landed at their destination without further incident.

He did tell a few close (he thought) acquaintances, but the story got out and for a time he got quite a bit of ribbing and abuse from other pilots.

However, at a local pilot's club meeting shortly afterward, the president of the club who had the respect of their group mentioned that if this man said what he saw then you could take it to the bank.

This being 1959, a man's word carried a bit more weight than today and the abuse stopped. He never saw anything like it since but he swears the events happened as he told them.

I think this is an important photo, as it's one of the few (or only) pics I've ever seen of a formation of UFOs viewed from above. The objects are visible in the large photo just barely below and to the right of center.

The blue area on the right is the windshield strut, and the glare arc on the left is from the sun off the glass. The second photo is a close up of the objects.

Full image:

Group of Multi-colored Lights Move over South Dakota

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 10, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010

"My friend Liz and I were driving south on a desolate road south of Sisseton, SD, at exactly 10:19 PM, Wednesday evening, when she said "Dorene what is that?"

When I looked up to the left in the sky, I'd guess 30 miles out traveling south to north was a cluster of the goofiest looking lights I had ever seen.

They were clustered together like one big one, then to the right of that big red light were a few small ones, then a big bright red one again.

It floated erratically across the sky. Liz and I were screaming in the car at the excitement of seeing such an odd-shaped lighting arrangement, when all of a sudden 2 bright, white lights shot out the back of the red-lighted thing, then disappeared.

We watched the cluster of red, amber lights change shape a few times like it was spinning or morphing, always changing, not like a normal craft, which blinks the same continuously until it was behind us, instead of in the front of us, as it turned into a star and stayed stationary a few seconds.

Then we lost sight of it as it just blinked out.

We again started screaming in excitement at what we had just seen. I have become very interested in Ufology in the last few years, and believe we are not alone, and what we saw, I believe, was not of earthly origin.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ghost hand on TV

This is pretty creepy.

On Christmas Eve, 1968, a woman in Southern Minnesota snapped a picture of her husband assembling toys, and inadvertently preserved an unscheduled broadcast on her unplugged television set. The hand had appeared the year before, again at Christmas.

Agree with me, that's something you don't want to see on your flat-screen TV.

Top 10 Ghost Images - #9

One day in 1959, Mrs. Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother somewhere in the UK. She had brought along her camera to take photographs of the gravesite. After snapping a few shots of her mother's gravestone, she pointed her camera at her husband who was waiting in the car. That’s at least what they thought.

When the film was developed, the couple was more than surprised to see a figure wearing glasses sitting in the back seat of the car. Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the image of her mother – the woman whose grave they had visited on that day. Photographic experts who have studied the photo have deemed it as real, the women was neither a reflection nor a double exposure.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fleet of UFO's over Georgetown, Texas in 1996

Pretty old, but great UFO footage from Gerogetown, Texas showing a fleet of UFOs.

Monday, February 8, 2010

UFOs in a strange formation sightied over Fresno, California in 2008

A strange formation of UFOs was caught on in Fresno, California in 2008.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strange UFOs caught on tape over Kaufman, Texas in 2005

Some strange UFOs caught on tape over Kaufman, Texas in October of 2005.

Paranormal Case #2 – Are there aliens at Area 51?

Area 51 is a top secret military base that lies in southern portion of Nevada. Built in the 1950’s it has since then been a testing ground for top secret military projects, like the U2 spy plane. So why do people thinks there aliens on the base? It is probably because of a man named Bob Lazar who 1989 claimed that he had been working on top secret projects involving aliens. A thing that also may have part is the isolation of the base and the little we actually know about what happens on the base.

Evidence for:
Actually, there is no evidence to support the existence of aliens on Area 51. The only thing we can go on is Bob Lazars stories and those may not be true. Sometimes strange lights have been seen over the base, but they are most probably only secret military projects.

Evidence against:
No evidence of aliens actually being on Area 51 have never been put forward and it is very unlikely that there are aliens there.

Based on the information we have on Area 51, it is very unlikely that aliens exists there. There have neither credible eyewitnesses nor any official government documents in support of the alien theory.

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Next case - Mothman -->

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best evidence captured by the Ghost Hunters

Under here are some video collections of alleged paranormal evidence captured by Ghost Hunters. Some of the stuff they capture is actually really cool.


Strange Triangle UFO over British Columbia in 2008

This is a strange video that was shot in 2008 and shows a triangular looking UFO hovering a forest area in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2008.

Strange UFO's over the Netherlands in 2009

Apparently some strange red glowing orbs were sighted somewhere over the Netherlands in November of last year.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Triangle UFO seen over Illinois

Report from MUFON:

Date reported: February 3, 2010
Date of event: January 27, 2010

"My husband and I had just pulled into McDonalds parking lot and stopped the car. I looked up and directly in front of us was a Petsmart. Right over the top of Petsmart I saw three REALLY bright white lights. They were very low and seemed to be sitting still at first. I thought maybe it was just a very low airplane coming straight and that's why it seemed to be moving slow.

Then I could tell it was getting closer, and I even made the comment to my husband, "If thats an airplane it's awfully low." I had looked at the clock and it said exactly 8:45. My husband I both sat and watched it and it was taking forever for it to get to us, considering it was so close to begin with...I looked back at the clock and it was 8:48 and was just getting to be almost directly over our car. My husband got out and went on inside the store (he said he thought it was strange, but he's not really interested in this kind of thing) and I sat in the car and still watched it. I rolled down the windows of the car and there was NO sound at all...even though it almost directly above the car and I could tell at this point that it was a black triangle shaped object. It was just HOVERING...not making a sound, no engine noise or anything. It was really eerie to watch it just gliding along completely silent. It was still moving really slowly and as it banked (sort of like the jets do in the air shows) and got further away, I looked at the clock again and it was 8:51. I watched it till it got far enough away that it was hard to see. It was 8:58 whenever I stopped watching.

I had my cell phone with me and WANTED to take a picture of it, but for one, I've never taken a picture with my cell phone and didn't want to try at that moment to figure it out. Also, I was in total awe of this thing. It was SO pretty and SO huge. I really didn't want to stop watching it, and except for glancing at the clock a few times, I just wanted to keep watching...when it 'banked' to turn it was incredible. It was just gliding along completely husband estimated it to be no more than 300 feet in the air.

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Bigfoot caught on tape in North Carolina, 2009?

Part of the caption from the original Youtube uploader:

"The full video is roughly 3.5 minutes long. This clip shows only the highlights, and in lower resolution than what is possible. You can pay a few bucks to see the entire clip online at or you can wait a few weeks for the full version in better resolution (not a whole lot better resolution though). Mike Greene will make the whole clip available for download, eventually, so you can rewind and watch it multiple times..."

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alien Photographed in Alaska in 1930's

This picture below of a purported alien was taken somewhere in Alaska in 1930's.

In the original caption were given this info that the picture was taken in the early 1930s by the sender's grandfather, who lived in Alaska. The entity was first seen when the grandfather was on his way to a lake. He chased the entity until he got close enough to take this one picture. It was some four months before the photograph was developed, being in a remote, sparsely populated area. The sender received the picture from his grandfather only last week His grandfather died the day after giving him the photo, and relating his story.

Cleaned up version:

Orginal image with caption:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 10 Ghost Images - #10

This photograph was taken by one Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England in 1963. Reverend Lord have said that nothing was visible to the naked when he took the photograph and experts that have investigated the photo says that it is not a double exposure. Analysis have shown the figure to be more than nine feet tall.

The church was built in 1870 and it’s not known to be a haunted place.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bigfoot Humor

Finally some real proof for the existence of Bigfoot ;)

UFO caught landing?

Just found this video. Apparently it is showing a UFO landing in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Russia in 2009.