Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why sightings of the Loch Ness Monster have declined

"GRABBING the binoculars at his ageing mobile home, Steve Feltham focuses on a splash in murky Loch Ness.

Sadly for the monster hunter it is just two swimmers further along Dores Bay at the north end of the stretch of water - but the ultimate Nessie fan does not give up hope of a sighting.

It is 19 years since Steve left his girlfriend, well-paid job and Dorset home to live without electricity or running water in a bid to solve the riddle...

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UFO report off Wrightsville Beach, likely military training

"WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - A group of people staying at a house in Wrightsville Beach filed a report on the UFO website, "MUFON," saying a ball of light and several white orbs were spotted off the coast.

The report states nine people at a house near the Carolina Yacht Club saw a "reddish orange light blinking erratically" in the distance before another, white light appeared and disappeared before dividing into "nine orbs" in a "V formation."

"We were all shocked and we all agreed that what we saw was not manmade," the report stated...

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alien caught on tape in Canada? - I have my doubts

A new interesting video has turned up on Youtube. This time it's a footage of an alien allegedly shot in Alberta, Canada in June of this year.

The original description from "MrBeeHat" is as following:
"This footage was taken at around eleven or twelve at night in rural Alberta on June 7th 2010. A few days prior to this, me and my brother had been hearing noises from the yard at night and thought we had seen something out the window, so we decided to keep a camera handy in case it happened again. As you can see, the footage we captured shows a tall creature with a strange manner of walking. It had quite large hands with three fingers each and appeared to almost go completely invisible at times. One of the strangest features of this being was it's almost metallic looking skin. Feel free to comment on this footage."

This isn't the first time a video of an alien shows up on the web. In the summer of 2008 this video showed up on Youtube:

The video was promoted by Jeff Peckman, but was said to have been shot by Stan Romanek in North Dakota. Back to the new video.

I have some minor knowledge 3D-rendering, and there are two things interesting to me: when the "alien" runs it looks strange, and the collision with the chair doesn't look natural either. It looks like when an object is knocked on a video game and it just falls down.

I doubt that this video shows an actual alien, it is more likely just a computer rendering of some sort.

Here's the video anyway:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Man and son watch UFO hover over bridge in Connecticut

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 17, 2010
Location of event: Danielson, Connecticut

"I was fishing at the bridge on Route 6 in Danielson right on my street. I saw an object flying toward me. This happens all the time because I live next to a small airport, so I just figured it to be a plane coming in till it stopped.

It got real bright and was just hovering in one spot. I called my mom and dad because they live 3 houses down from me, and my dad came running. I was scared, but my dad and I watched this thing for like 15 minutes.

It just stayed right where it was, and never made a sound of any kind. The object would occasionally glow various colors.

I'm still shaken up over what I saw, so about 10:30, we walked back home, I went in the house, took a quick shower, grabbed some binoculars, and went back to the bridge. I knew if it wasn't a star or it would have still been there, it wasn't, it was gone.

I don't care if anyone believes me, but I saw it, it was real and then it was gone. I tried to get this on my cell, but it not very distinct."

Small, disc shaped object witnessed over Colorado

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 16, 2010
Location of event: Colorado, USA

"On 06-16-10 at about 0935 in the morning, my friend (*name deleted) came to me and told me that he and another co-worker were outside our building and they were watching a "UFO," (*name deleted) asked me to get a camera, which I did, and brought it downstairs with him. Another co-worker, (**name deleted), also followed me downstairs. We went outside.

(*name deleted) and the other co-worker pointed into the sky to the NW of our location at about a 50 degree angle from the ground. I saw a small, circular object which reflected a silver light from the sun, and estimated it to be at between 5 and 10,000 feet in altitude. I began taking still digital photographs of the object, which appeared to be round or circular. I saw that it was not being towed by another aircraft and did not have wings. The camera used was a Canon Powershot SX20IS, with a max zoom of 560 mm.

The object (still watched by myself and the other 3 witnesses) continued to move slowly to the N.West. It was hard to tell if it gained altitude, but remained in the shape and still reflective. We lost sight of the object about 7 minutes later as it went over our building.

(*name deleted) told me that the object was much closer when he and his co-worker first saw it above the building (and was much lower in altitude), and looked like a "disk". They said it was completely silent. I reviewed the images at on a low-res screen afterward and the object is positively round or disk-shaped. The detail of the images is not superb, due to the distance when I first saw it.

(Names of wit's friend and co-worker deleted--SGonzalez/CMS)."

Three witness objects that materialize/dematerialize over Bodega Bay, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 13, 2010
Location of event: Bodega Bay, California

"On the night of Saturday June 13 at 2 AM in Bodega Bay, California, myself and two other people with night vision binoculars spotted five objects in the night sky that were not planes or satellites. These objects would materialize and dematerialize and move not in straight lines. They would start to materialize more or less in the same spot, then move to other areas in the sky.

During the night we saw planes that would strobe so they are easy to pick out. We also saw one satellite that appeared low in the sky and traveled across to the other side of the sky and it was straight and steady in color. We also saw lots of meteoroids. So needless to say, WE KNOW WHAT WE SAW and for sure it was a UFO.

We also had a very powerful green laser and it kind of seemed like the UFO could see it because when we turned the laser in the direction of the UFO it would dematerialize, and when we stopped pointing it at the area of the UFO it would then rematerialize. This was very strange, and I have never seen this happen before and we have seen UFOs before and have done the same thing.

What ever people think of this is up to them, but the three of us know what we saw and for sure these things appeared to be under intelligent control."

Unknown flying object seen in Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 15, 2010
Location of event: Salem, Oregon

"We took the kids to the playground at River Road Park in North Salem (River Road/N. Broadway); arrived just after 2 PM. Watched them play for a few minutes, looked SSW at the clouds: mostly billowy storm clouds--heavy rains on and off during the past couple of hours, with/periodic showers starting earlier in the day.

First noticed a hawk's nest in a tree at the same direction, about 100 feet off the ground: one bird left the nest and circled, the other bird remained to watch the nest; first bird returned a couple of times. My kids and I watched the birds/nest directly for about five minutes, then they played and I watched them. Periodically, I looked at both the hawk's nest and the coming storm clouds while the kids played. At one point, directly above the nest by several feet (approximate, based on distance from ground), I noticed what I first thought was a balloon.

It rose very slowly in the sky towards the clouds. Several things immediately stood out: object was black, was at first spherical in shape, but appeared to almost change into an egg/oval shape as it moved, heavy winds were blowing storm clouds from the SSW to W very quickly--but the object continued to move directly up as if moving against the wind. I watched it move slowly and directly upwards, seeming to 'change' between sphere and oval, for at least four/five minutes, still entirely against the wind. It then stopped, and stayed stationary for about a minute (definitely not as long as the upwards movement); very dark storm clouds were quickly approaching it, but its own dark color stood in contrast to the clouds.

Then the object moved horizontally--positioning to WNW--at an incredible speed, and disappeared into the cloud bank. I watched for at least a couple of minutes to see if it emerged out of the cloud bank--the wind was moving the clouds quickly--but saw nothing further.

Again, at first thought it was a balloon, like one of the large ones used by car dealerships to draw attention, but there are none in that part of town--or across the river (Willamette), for that matter, nor was there a tether seen. Too, from the apparent distance from the ground--perhaps several miles--the likely size of it would've made it unlikely to be a commercial balloon. But the general fact of it moving in a straight line upwards AGAINST fairly heavy winds for several minutes negated that it was a balloon; too was the fact that it stopped/remained stationary for at least a minute AGAINST fairly heavy winds.

And finally the fact that it moved AGAINST fairly heavy winds at a high rate of speed into an approaching cloud bank made it unlikely that it was a balloon. I'm not entirely convinced of what I saw. Just the distances and weather patterns converging concurrently make me feel that a light object like a balloon wouldn't have functioned/moved in the manner that it did. But similarly, perhaps the weather patterns and distances at the time made an ordinary object appear to act extraordinarily.

There is a National Guard airbase in town, and perhaps they do conduct weather experiments...but the base is several miles away in the opposite direction. It's been many years since I took a science class, so perhaps there's a logical explanation (i.e., optical illusion, theory of physics) for why something moved the way it did for the duration it did... but thought I'd post this in case someone else in Salem, OR might have seen the same thing..."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why do we need to look for Bigfoot?

"(CNN) -- Watch out! It's 10 feet tall and hairy, and it could be coming to get you -- or your dogs!

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is said to be an ape-like monster but has never been proved to exist. Still, reported sightings never stop: Tim Peeler of Cleveland County, North Carolina, says he saw a giant, hairy "man-looking person" with six fingers that was going after his dogs June 5 and told it to "git." On Thursday, a large, muddy footprint in Burke County, North Carolina, stirred up more Bigfoot speculation.

Across human societies, variations on mythical creature stories like that of Bigfoot have persisted for thousands of years, and accounts of seeing or hearing them still abound. There may be some basic culture-based need for these fantastical tales, said Todd Disotell, professor of anthropology at New York University...

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Bigfoot Hunters Leave NC With Unanswered Questions

"BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- A group of researchers affiliated with legendary Big Foot Hunter Tom Biscardi left North Carolina Sunday after spending Saturday night camped out in the woods near Highway 18, south of Morganton, to investigate a recent footprint sighting.

The researchers set up cameras but said they didn’t find anything. They told Eyewitness News that they will evaluate what they do have and determine if they will return to look again.

Group members said they believe the footprint, which was discovered by a farmer, is real because it shows dermal ridges like a hand print and a mid tarsal break, which is evidence of a foot that bends in the middle, unlike that of a human...

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Is this Bradenton Beach restaurant haunted?

"BRADENTON BEACH - A Bradenton Beach restaurant may have an unexpected customer, a ghost.

Workers at the Sun House Restaurant claim there have been several strange happenings over the years, mostly late at night after the business has closed.

Right now, there is a spiritual medium visiting the restaurant talking to workers about those experiences, which include a strange fog that once filled the restaurant and doors that were open were later found locked. Some say they have also heard voices when they were alone in the restaurant...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Large, glowing UFO seen over Portland, Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 13, 2010
Location of event: Portland, Oregon

"I was sitting in my backyard on the evening of June 13, 2010. It was around 10:30 PM, and a very clear night in Portland, Oregon. The stars had just started to come out as it gets dark later and later this time of year. It was a beautiful evening and my eyes were drawn to the sky.

There is a lot of air traffic in Portland and I am quite familiar with the speed and looks of airplanes at night. There was the usual air traffic here and there: slow moving planes with their lights blinking and flickering in the distance. There was a pause in air traffic and the sky was calm. I noticed a small, star-like object out of nowhere moving very fast across the sky from the south heading north. I was facing east with the Big Dipper directly behind me.

There was no special shape to it. It was not glowing in any way. There was no tail like a shooting star or comet. There were no lights at all. It wasn't blazing across the sky, but moving at a steady, faster-than-a-plane speed. It soon went out of eye-view (trees, etc.). I thought it was interesting, but kind of just shrugged my shoulders. About ten minutes later I saw the same thing.

Again, I didn't see where it came from but it had the same flight pattern, flew fast across the sky, and disappeared from view. The object did not change direction while flying from its original path. After seeing it a second time, and eliminating all possibilities, I thought that I may be witnessing something unusual here, so I got a little more excited.

My eyes were now glued to the sky in this area. Around 10:30-10:45 PM is when I could officially tell myself I witnessed a UFO. Looking up at the sky (SE direction) I saw an extremely bright light that had the appearance of the North Star only about 10 times brighter and much bigger. It was so bright I had to squint... AT NIGHT! My mouthed dropped as the massive glow shrunk down to the size (like a dimming light) of the two previous "crafts."

It streaked across the sky at the same speed as the others on the same flight path. This time before disappearing out of eye sight, it deviated from its original northern path, started flying UP into the sky and literally disappeared; not out of eye-sight, it just vanished up into the sky. I felt overwhelmed with what I had witnessed but also extremely lucky. I felt very fortunate to have just witnessed the strangest, most exciting thing ever.

Again, there were absolutely no lights flickering or blinking. It was not a shooting star or a comet. I know what those look like. No cigar or v-shape, etc. I am not a person that thinks any strange object in the sky is a UFO. I have never thought to having seen a UFO before, nor have I reported anything like this before. My eyes will be glued to the sky in the nights ahead!"

Flying object makes fantastic maneuvers over New Dorp Beach, Staten Island

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 12, 2010
Location of event: New York City, New York

"My friends and I were walking on New Dorp Beach, in Staten Island, New York, (one of the five boroughs), and we looked up to stargaze, and instead see strange lights in a clear night sky. The pattern of lights was consistent with a tail light (color purpleish), two wing lights (a strange white color), and a center light (red to green).

What was most frightening to us was the sound - or rather lack of any. The bottom was black and sleek, almost as if it were an SR-71 blackbird, although current technology does not allow for flight ascending directly upwards and downwards, and does not allow for sudden, almost sonic speeds. It seemed to slow as it was above us, the lights in the front became three white headlights, and it was followed by an obviously American military jet.

This craft has been spotted in many different areas on Staten Island. It's one thing to run a military test run, but it's completely another to see a military jet actually chasing an unknown craft. I haven't the slightest clue whether it was of a terrestrial or extraterrestrial nature, but quite frankly it's been seen quite often. It was both wondrous and frightening, we were all mesmerized.

We lost sight of the craft after it sped away in a curious diagonal pattern. I apologize for lack of any photographs, we figured that if it were military, the last thing college students want is to be investigated due to photos of military craft."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ghosts in Wellington's town hall?

"The Wellington Town Hall has often been the subject of speculation when it comes to haunting and the paranormal.

It’s old, creaky and roomy, with a rich history dating back more than 100 years.

“I’m not prepared to step out and say there are ghosts, I just think that I’ve experienced things,” says paranormal investigator James Gilberd...

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Have scientists found proof that ghosts exist?

"Professor David Fontana took a deep breath and opened a side-door into the mechanic’s workshop. He peeked inside but could see virtually nothing through the murky gloom.

“Well, here goes,” he mumbled as he stepped into the workshop.

An icy chill rippled slowly down his spine. He looked up, momentarily startled by what he saw. A small piece of engine casing appeared to be levitating a few feet in front of his nose. It tilted slightly to the side and then flew directly towards him. He ducked aside as it whizzed past his head and smashed into the wall behind him...

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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Aurora, Texas UFO incident of 1897 - Part 2 of 3

In 1897, six years before humans took to the sky by airplane, eyewitnesses from California to Michigan to Louisiana reported seeing mysterious cigar-shaped crafts sailing gently through the sky. But one of them stood out from the others. Something had crashed.

Part 2 - MUFON investigates - uncovers physical evidence

This incident was soon forgotten and it became just a tall tale that spread from resident to resident. That was until May, 1973 when it was commented in UPI like this:

"Aurora, Tex. -- (UPI) -- A grave in a small north Texas cemetery contains the body of an 1897 astronaut who was 'not an inhabitant of this world,' according to the International UFO Bureau.

The group, which investigates unidentified flying objects, has already initiated legal proceedings to exhume the body and will go to court if necessary to open the grave, director Hayden Hewes said Wednesday."

"After checking the grave with metal detectors and gathering facts for three months, we are certain as we can be at this point [that] he was the pilot of a UFO which reportedly exploded atop a well on Judge J.S. Proctor's place, April 19, 1897," Hewes said." "He was not an inhabitant of this world.

As by over a night, the crash was big news again. And in article published some days, an interview with a living witness to the crash was. The 91-year old lady was fifteen at the time for the incident. She stated that her parents had been to the crash site, but that she wasn’t allowed to join for fear of what might be in the debris. She also recalled a burial of “a small man” at Aurora Cemetery.

Not only became the press interested in this story. Later that year, Bill Case, an aviation writer Texas state director of MUFON, decided to investigate the alleged crash. MUFON was able to uncover a new eyewitness to the crash. Charlie Stephens, who was 10 in 1897, told MUFON how he saw airship heading north toward Aurora. He continued to tell that his father went to the town the next and saw the wreckage from the crash.

Eyewitnesses aside, were there any actual physical evidence from the crash? According to MUFON, there was. Under the investigation, MUFON was able to uncover a piece of metal that was said to be from the wreckage. The metallic piece was analyzed and it was revealed that it was composed 95 percent aluminum and 5 percent iron. This alloy is very uncommon in nature and after further analysis they were able to conclude that it had been air-cooled on the ground. This led to the assertion raised in MUFON's report that, given the presumption that it originated in 1897, the sample could not be of terrestrial nature, but they also stated that it just could have been an object put there at any time during the last century.

MUFON continued their investigation at the Aurora Cemetery and found a grave maker that appeared to show a flying saucer. Near the grave maker, detectable readings from a metal-detector were made. MUFON asked the cemetery association for permission to exhume the grave, but they declined.

After MUFON’s investigation, the grave marker mysteriously disappears and a three-inch pipe was placed into the ground. MUFON’s metal detector could no longer pick up any readings from the grave, thus it was presumed that the metal was removed from the grave.

<-- Preceding part - A windmill demolishes it
Next part - The quest for an explanation -->

Unknown, metallic object spotted in daytime over Lansing, Michigan

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 10, 2010
Location of event: Lansing, Michigan

"Downtown Lansing about 11:05 am - Walking towards Kalamazoo and Grand Ave, and saw something bright in the sky. Looked up, assuming it was a plane. The sun was glinting off of it very strongly when I first saw it - only the "nose" wasn't shining. It moved deliberately across the sky.

It was lower than all other planes and did not have contrails. It made no sound. When I got to Kalamazoo I realized it didn't have wings or a fin. The metal and shape reminded me of old 50's trailers that were all steel/aluminum/whatever.

I thought, "UFO?" but didn't REALLY believe it. I looked both ways, crossed to the turn lane, looked back up, and I couldn't find it. I searched in the same area of the sky and found it - but it was BARELY there!

It was a clear blue sky - clouds would not show up for 2 hours - and even though this was VERY low, it was disappearing. I could see the outline the clearest, the inside was now the same color as the sky. I looked at traffic and then crossed (less than 15 feet) and when I got to the sidewalk, I couldn't find it.

It should have been directly ahead of me in the sky (looking northward), I looked in that clear sky for 5 minutes and could find it. No one else saw it. Downtown Lansing is full of people at this time of day (State Workers) and it was a warm day, so there were many people walking.

I looked around and realized that no one was looking up and that MOST people DON'T. Watch people next time you are out - they are either looking at the ground or at eye-level. Anything could be flying overhead and, if it doesn't make noise, no one's going to see it."

Cigar-shaped UFO seen over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 12, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"I was lying on the couch watching the Weather Channel as we were having some storms in the area. I had been out playing hockey and I wanted to go back out. It looked as if the storm had passed on the radar, so I started to head back out.

First, I glanced out the window when lightning caught my eye. I stood there and watched for a minute before I saw a black, cigar-shaped object hurtling through the sky. It was above the treeline, sliding at a 45 degree angle.

At first, I dismissed the object as a bird, but there was a hawk flyng next to it. The hawk was shifting, but the UFO kept at a steady angle. The event lasted about 5 seconds. As soon as the sighting had occurred, I came up to my computer and wrote this report.

So you can trust that the whole scene is fresh in my head and I didn't make up anything. Remember to watch the skies.

P.S. I am sorry there is no attached media. I know that lessens your belief in my testimony, but I swear, it was there!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bigfoot in the central Savannah River area?

"AUGUSTA, GA - Dave Collier has never come face to face with a Bigfoot, but he’s talked to plenty of people who have.

“I believe that sightings and encounters are more common than most people believe,” he says. “And what surprised me the most when I started this was how many there were in this area.”

By this area, the Martinez resident doesn’t mean the Southeast, and he’s not just talking Georgia...

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Ghost hunter checks Bradenton Beach eatery

BRADENTON BEACH - With all the odd things he has witnessed, Justin Norton, assistant manager at the Sun House Restaurant & Bar in Bradenton Beach, almost expects that every week he will experience something at work that he cannot explain.

He hears voices at night. The conversations are often so loud he steps outside his office to see if people have wandered into the restaurant after hours. And yet, no one is there and the doors are locked.

He sees shadows move. Although appearing only for a second or two, the shadows move distinctly away from where light is shining...

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UFOs at DEN? Conspiracy theories thrive at airports

Officials insist the 26-foot tall statue of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis now standing outside the Denver International Airport terminal is there to promote a King Tut exhibit opening soon at the Denver Art Museum. But the giant image of the jackal-headed god tasked with protecting the spirits of the dead is alarming some travelers.

"I'm not superstitious, but it doesn't exactly instill confidence when the god of the dead is staring through the window at you!" says Brian Olson, a Colorado resident who travels frequently through Denver airport.

The Anubis statue, which has also spent time at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, will leave Denver International Airport in mid-August. Staying behind will be several pieces from the airport's permanent public art collection that some travelers consider ominous and, in some cases, out of this world...

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red-amber lit object seen by four witnesses in Tennessee

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 11, 2010
Location of event: Tennessee, USA

"My wife and I were at the neighbors' in the back yard sitting by a fire pit. The four of us and their daughter were just enjoying the nice night. My wife said "What is that light?"

There was a red-amber, fuzzy looking light that had come into view over the roof of the house that appeared to be over the city of Murfreesboro about 8 miles away. The light was coming from the northeast heading southwest fairly slowly. When it got over Murfreesboro, it stopped and moved up and down. then right and left and started moving back northeast from which it came.

It started slowly, then got smaller and zipped out of sight very fast. There is no way a plane could move out of sight that fast. There is an airport about 20 miles up the interstate and, we see planes all the time at night.

At first I, being a skeptic about things, told my wife it was just a plane but the more I looked at it, I knew it wasn't a plane, and my neighbor said it before I could. He is ex-military, and said, "Rob, that's not a plane," and we all watched it for the entire time until it zoomed out of sight.

We all sat around in amazement trying to figure it out. I tried to get on line to see if anyone else had seen this light over Murfreesboro, but don't really know where to look. If you find out or have anymore questions call me or email me please. That was the strangest thing that I have ever witnessed in the air, and I have seen meteor showers and satellites being in the gulf, and the woods being a hunter and fisherman.

Thanks Rob"

Unknown object seen over Ferguson, Missouri

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 5, 2010
Location of event: Ferguson, Missouri

"On Saturday evening at approximately 7:30 PM I was driving North on Florissant Road going to the UMB Bank. I was driving North on Florissant road through downtown Ferguson, MO. I noticed an object hovering fairly high in the sky off to my northeast approximately 1/4 mile or so away. I pulled off the road into the parking lot where the City of Ferguson holds their "Farmers Market" on Saturdays.

I stopped the car as soon as I turned into the lot. I stuck my head out the window stunned, and watched this object for about a minute and then I grabbed my Iphone to get a picture. I activated the camera and went to take a picture and the camera malfunctioned. The object then about as fast as you can snap your fingers was gone, off to the northeast. I briefly turned my head and then looked back and the object was there again and even closer now.

It was close enough now that I could clearly see the shape, probably about an 1/8 a mile or less away. It was dark gray in color, no lights or sounds at all. It appeared to be a stretched star with 2 points prevalent on each end looking like an introverted “V” and 1 small extroverted “V” on each long side (6 points total ). When I got the camera going again quickly, it was in my clear view. When I snapped the picture, it was just about gone completely from my site. I am positive of what I saw, and would be more than willing to take a lie detector or be hypnotized or try any new technology that’s out there, I'm ready.

I know what I saw, I am positive of what it was. After it was gone (about 3 minutes later) I pulled out of the parking lot and was driving North again down Florissant road and went right pass the bank and then continued on until I finally came to the corner of Florissant road and Hereford Rd (about a 1/4 mile pass the bank).

It then hit me that I was actually driving my car. I didn't know I was driving or why I even in my car at all. I didn't know where I was supposed to be. After about 30-45 seconds, I remembered that I was going to the ATM to get some money for my daughter. I turned around and continued to the bank.

Everything was a complete blank in my mind for a short time. I was very scared and thought that there was no way that I was the only one that could have seen this. I was totally shaken. I drove home real quickly and tried to draw what I saw. My hand was shaking so bad I had to wait awhile. I couldn't draw a straight line at all. Good thing for “paint” programs.

Again, there is no doubt whatsoever of what I saw. It was an experience that I will never forget in my lifetime. I wasn't too sure before if I really truly believed in this kind of thing, but I was convinced on that night. I'm not afraid any more, I want to see it again so badly. The "camera" after you select the camera icon, opens and then you must select another option before the camera will fully activate. Once you do that the camera is ready to stay on forever.

I had the camera fully activated, and the object was clearly on the screen and as I pushed the "take picture" icon, the "option icon" that activates the camera popped up and would not let me take a picture until I pressed it again. The thing is, I already had the camera activated and that should not have come up again. It has never done that before and hasn't done it since. I have tried to make it happen and it just won't happen.

Anyway, that’s my encounter experience.

Thank you"

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Aurora, Texas UFO incident of 1897 - Part 1 of 3

In 1897, six years before humans took to the sky by airplane, eyewitnesses from California to Michigan to Louisiana reported seeing mysterious cigar-shaped crafts sailing gently through the sky. But one of them stood out from the others. Something had crashed.

Part 1 - "A windmill demolishes it"

Early on the morning of April 17, 1897 a craft was seen over the little Texas town of Aurora. The craft came from the south and seemed to have mechanical problems. The craft lost altitude and crashed into a windmill on Judge J.S. Proctor property about 06:00 am. local time.

The craft destroyed upon impact and debris was scattered around the windmill. Witnesses that seen the craft coming rushed to the scene to see the still smoldering wreckage. As they searched through the debris, a small dead body was found, said to be the pilot of the craft.

T.J. Weems, an army officer from nearby Forth Worth, said that it was not of this world and said it had to come from Mars. The body was given a proper Christian burial on April 18, the day after.

Almost all of the above information comes from an article published in the April 19 edition of Dallas Morning Star, who was written by one S.E. Hayden, a resident of Aurora. It states as follow:

"About 6 o'clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing throughout the country. It sailed directly over the public square, and when it reached the north part of town collided with the tower of Judge Proctor's windmill and went to pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the judge's flower garden. The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard, and while his remains are badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.

T.J. Weems, the U.S. Signal Service Officer at this place and an authority on astronomy, gave it as his opinion that (the pilot) was a native from the planet of Mars.

Papers found on his person (evidently the records of his travels) are written in some unknown hieroglyphics and cannot be deciphered. The ship was too badly wrecked to form conclusions as to its construction or motive power. The town is full of people today who are viewing the wreck and gathering specimens of strange metal from the debris. The pilot's funeral will take place tomorrow.

Image left: The news report printed in Dallas Morning Star on April 19 mentioning the incident.

Next part - MUFON investigates - uncovers physical evidence -->

Two pink, disc shaped UFOs seen in Anaheim, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 13, 2010
Location of event: Anaheim, California

"I was driving northbound on the Interstate 5 with my father and girlfriend leaving a family get together. We were still in Orange County, just passing Disneyland when I noticed two very bright disc-shaped objects in the sky. They looked like a bright pink, not as bright pink as the sky around the objects. My first thought was these two objects were perhaps clouds, although there were no clouds at all in the sky.

They looked to be about 500 yards between each other, both moving east. As we drove further down the highway they had become brighter and more disc-like. It was at that point when we knew they were not clouds. We were watching these discs for about 7 minutes when they moved west.

One disc started approaching the moon, it looked like, but when it had just passed the moon it slowly vanished and was completely gone, which blew my mind. The other disc still appeared in the sky for only about two more minutes when it started approaching the moon and then vanished like the other.

At certain times it looked as if it had a fire type of trail behind it. I thought maybe it could be rockets, but I have seen many rockets in my life and they were not like this shape and metallic color, and I have never seen any object in the sky vanish."

Multiple unknown lights spotted over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 1, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"Over the past several nights my wife and I have seen multiple lights over our house in the 10 PM to 11 PM time frame. The two that stand out are on Saturday night 5/29 around 10:30 PM, when two bright lights were moving from the south to north looking very high and fast. They were flying exactly parallel, but with a large gap between them.

They were flying the same speed and in unison for about a minute, and then the left hand light made an immediate 60 to 75 degree turn, while the other light continued on the straight course it was on. Both faded from sight in less than a minute.

The second event happened on Tuesday 6/1 at 10:38 PM when a similar light as described above was flying over my house heading NNW. I know the time and direction because I had my phone for the time and digital compass. It passed over the valley in about a minute and was past my house when there was a bright flash and it disappeared.

On both nights all the objects looked the same, and appeared to be very high with similar speed and no noise. Being on a landing path for Greater Pittsburgh and Allegheny County airports, and having many fly over routes over my house, I notice planes and have seen numerous objects flying over this area, so we watch the sky at night when outside.

No opinion of object similar to seeing space station, but not the same. Does not give the impression of a plane of any kind I have seen."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Bizarre' UFO lights caught on camera

"THINGS that glow bright in the night are still causing a stir across the Highlands.

In recent weeks there have been numerous reports of mysterious unidentified flying objects in the sky at various locations around Inverness, Easter Ross and Fort William, and one of the latest is backed by amazing unexplained photos.

As reported last week, one of the most recent sightings took place in Fort William when smelter worker Stephen MacLeod, of Riverside Grove, Lochyside, saw strange lights while walking his dog just after midnight...

Part of an article from Highland News - Continue reading

Group probes paranormal activities at rail museum

"When an elevator was being installed at the Brunswick Railroad Museum last spring, workers and staff reported strange noises, voices and unusual activity.

Supplies were being moved around. Several elevator workers even claimed they saw a woman in a white dress walking around the second floor.

The reports led a former museum board member to call the Mason Dixon Paranormal Society, a Gettysburg-based group that investigates claims of paranormal activity...

Part of an article from Frederick News Post - Continue reading

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unknown object makes unusual maneuvers over Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 11, 2010
Location of event: Oregon, USA

"I get off work at 11:00 PM, and tend to look at the stars and other celestial bodies, as I am an amateur astronomer and know my way around the sky a bit. I have seen many strange objects here in Oregon in our crystal clear night sky - tonight was a bit stranger than usual. It was 11:10 and I was on the north side of HWY 97 facing the road coming out of my work just south of Bend, OR.

I took a look up at the stars and saw what I thought to be a satellite or the I.S.S. However, it could not be the space station due to the fact that it travels east to west... and this was a blue-colored object that was almost directly south and moving towards the east.

Also it could not be a satellite since it instantaneously stopped and began to move west, and started to perform perfect counter clock-wise circles. After that it began to zig-zag in various directions and more circles which felt to me to be almost as if it were dancing in a way.

It broke all the basic laws our aircraft are based upon, and looked as if it were just outside the atmosphere. I watched this "dance" for about 10-15 minutes and would have continued to until a local sheriff came by and asked if I needed help.

I left and pulled off on the next highway exit and got out to see it was still there, I tried to get home and get my binoculars but it had gone when I got back to my place. I felt it was there for me to see, that is the only way I can describe it."

Three men witness UFO shoot beam to ground, near El Paso, Texas

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 13, 2010
Location of event: El Paso, Texas

"It was an ordinary Sunday night in El Paso, Texas, around 9:15 PM. My father, my brother, and I were driving back home, heading west. We were driving in the neighborhood area near home when my father noticed a bright light in the sky, and we all focused in on it.

It was moving very rapidly through the sky, way faster than any airplane or even jet could go, and covered the whole sky from north to south in just a couple of seconds. As we watched, it began to get bright, then dim, much like pulsating I guess you could say.

Then it began to hover toward the southwest area of town. As we watched trying not to lose sight of it, a green beam came from the bottom of it. I noticed at the bottom of it where the beam was, the object appeared to be pointed more like a diamond. The object only had the beam out for about 3 seconds at the most, and then just disappeared instantly.

As we began to search for it, it then appeared toward the west where it originally appeared. Then it raced across the sky to the north where it disappeared for good. As we arrived at some stop lights, we noticed a border patrol helicopter that was unlit and following the path where the object seemed to fly through.

We then raced home to try to see if we could get the object on video or binoculars. Unfortunately, there was no more activity in the sky, but we all tried to believe what we just saw.

We knew for sure it wasn't a airplane, jet, helicopter, or possibly some experiment from Ft. Bliss, which is the army base here. I guess you could say this whole experience was like being in "War of the Worlds."

‘Loch Ness monster’s Aussie cousin exists’

"Melbourne, June 11 : An Australian cryptozoologist is convinced that there is an aquatic beast related to the Loch Ness monster lurking in Sydney’s Hawkesbury River.

According to the Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate newspaper, in 1965, Rex Gilroy and his wife Heather began gathering information on a creature he believes still lives in the major waterway.

After years of “patience, field trips and stakeouts”, Gilroy also known for his research on the equally elusive Blue Mountains panther hoped to finally obtain photographic evidence...

Part of an article from India Talkies - Continue reading

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shh! Historic Bedford home may be haunted

"BEDFORD, Va. – Little more than an hour from Wythe County’s Major Graham Mansion, the directors of a home called “Avenel” have a predicament when it comes to talk of haunts.

Stories have persisted for decades that Avenel – built in the 1830s – has been inhabited by a wispy “lady in white.”

Ghost hunters come to the home, and so do news reporters, anxious to see or hear something unusual...

Part of an article from TriCities.com - Continue reading

Bigfoot afoot? Local legend resurfaces after reported sighting near Casar

"Legend speaks of an ape-like creature who called Upper Cleveland County home in the late 1970s.

Robert Williams, then covering the news for Charlotte media outlets, named him “Knobby,” a towering beast many considered as the resident Bigfoot.

Williams never saw Knobby — “I only wrote what I was told...

Part of an article from Shelby Star - Continue reading

Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfect sphere shaped object seen over Georgia

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 10, 2010
Location of event: Georgia, USA

"Standing outside taking puppy out and pulsating light above caught my attention. At first I thought it was just an airplane, but as I watched it there were no wings and no other lights as planes have, and it was way too low to be a plane. The light made it clear that it was a perfect sphere. Then I thought maybe helicopter, but my husband came out and said it couldn't be, there was no sound and the light was not anything explainable.

The pulsing was a very intense white light then to nothing. It continued moving southwest very slowly, and the pulsing was continuous.

I noticed a smaller light hovering underneath that didn't appear to be attached. At a certain point it slowly traveled more to the left, and changed in path too hard for a plane to do, over the tree line at a field behind my house. Then it moved even more over to the left and seemed to hover in that area for a few moments and then it was gone.

We were constantly moving to maintain a clear view, and there is no way this was explainable. The light underneath never moved, it was with the object the whole time. Sadly my phone was in the house and I didn't want to take my eyes off of it, not sure if I should believe what I was seeing.

There was lightning in the distance, and I could see stars, although in our area there were some clouds. We did confirm the difference with several airplanes that passed at different times and there was a total difference. Where we are located, we can see the shapes and lights of planes easily, and there is always sound, but with this there wasn't, and it moved in odd ways and disappeared without descending."

Two unknown flying objects seen near Monterey Bay, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 5, 2010
Location of event: Monterey Bay, California

"At 2245 pm I was in my backyard (chasing away a skunk) when a bright, emerald green light caught my attention. It stood out against the sky and the street lights. I initially thought it was a plane, but then noticed the light disappear and then reappear 2-3 times. This light switched between green and bright white, which peaked my suspicion.

It stood out against the sky and the street lights. So I moved to the front of the house, and aligned the light to the peak of a neighbor's house. This assured I could verify the movement of the light more precisely. I watched this light for approximately 10 minutes, as it moved quickly around the sky in a southern direction, closer toward the Monterrey Bay area.

As I was observing this green light, a brilliant sapphire-purple colored light appeared to the west (right) of the green light. It moved in all directions, altitudes. As like the first, the light would disappear, then reappear, except not changing colors. I watched this for a few more minutes, when it dropped in altitude and headed toward the green light, then disappeared.

There was no movement for maybe 5 minutes, when I noticed the sapphire-purple light reappear in a more westerly direction. I followed it as it dropped in altitude(following it over another neighbor's roofline), then headed in a westerly direction over the bay and out of eyesight.

This lasted from 1045 pm to 1105 pm. I just wished I had another person to experience this with... not a skunk. Keep looking up!"

Unknown, black object shooting flames seen over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 4, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"My husband and I were watering our plants in the backyard. When we finished, while my husband was putting the water hose away, I looked up in the sky and saw this strange object. I couldn't tell what it was. I could see it very clearly, but I could not identify it.

I called my husband and asked him if he knew what this thing was. He looked at it and couldn't tell either. We were a little creeped out about it. This thing was black, and made of metal. The object had flames shooting out from the bottom and sides of it.

This thing didn't make any noise. I also noticed it had some sharp points to it. This object move dvery slow in a horizontal pattern in a northeastly direction. It kept moving to the point that we lost sight of it in the clouds. I first thought it was space debris falling from the sky. My husband said that it didn't fall from the sky, this thing moved in a way that falling debris wouldn't move.

It moved like something was in control of it. I emailed the newspaper to see if anyone else made any reports on this object, but never got a response. I checked the newspaper to see if they wrote anything about this thing and nothing was ever mentioned in it. I was wondering if you can look into this and see if anyone else saw this thing or if there's a reasonable explanation to what this was."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is Otsego Lake Inn haunted by past residents?

"GAYLORD — Do you believe in ghosts? The Mid-Michigan Paranormal Investigators do, but only if they can prove it scientifically.

Using “state-of-the-art” equipment such as split screen monitors, infrared cameras and high-tech audio recorders, the team works to capture the sights and sounds of apparitions at locations reported to be haunted.

According to Matt Moyer, lead investigator, if they can’t record it, it didn’t happen...

Part of an article from Gaylord Herald Times - Continue reading

Ghost hunters seek signs of supernatural

"PARKERSBURG - Virginia Lyons felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

A man's laughter echoed in the dark lobby of the Colony Theater in Marietta where she felt a gentle tug on her hair, but when she turned around, no one was there.

At the time, Lyons was a 16-year-old concession worker cleaning at the Colony Theater after closing time. The experience was one of several in her childhood that sparked her interest in paranormal activity...

Part of an article from NewsandSentinel.com - Continue reading

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Witnesses see three boomerang shaped objects near Fort Collins, Colorado

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 3, 2010
Location of event: near Fort Collins, Colorado

"I was driving from Mulberry and Lemay in Fort Collins to the Waterglen housing development off of I-25. The sky was very cloudy, and I was looking in my rear view mirror at the clouds above the mountains behind me. Some of the clouds were dark, and some were bright white. When I turned left into the neighborhood, I had a view of the western sky. That is when I noticed 3 white objects in the sky.

They were closer than an airplane and well below the clouds. Then they seemed to flip end over end in formation, and turn black with a bright white edge or outline. They were distinctly separate, but in near perfect formation. My daughter said they were birds because of flight formation.

My son thought it was a military air show. I was thinking, "What the heck is that, maybe hang gliders?"

But they were moving from South to North across the western sky at the same altitude and not getting lower. They seemed to be flipping end over end changing from bright reflective white against the dark clouds to the outlined black. The shape of each individual object was kind of boomerang, but they were all 3 together in the shape of a triangle. They moved rather slowly, and we watched them until I pulled into my driveway.

The neighbor was walking out of his house, so I stopped him and asked "What the heck is that in the sky?" It took him about 10 seconds to locate what we were seeing. He had no idea what it could be either. We laughed about it being UFOs. We watched this for about 5 minutes until they disappeared behind the houses into the northwestern sky. They never got closer or higher.

They just seemed to vanish. Immediately I went inside and posted this on my Facebook page. I wanted to document what I saw. Then I started to look on the Internet for sightings in Fort Collins.

A couple of them matched my description, but on different dates. I am left wondering, "What the heck was that?"

Maybe if this happens another day, someone else will have reported it, and I wont feel crazy anymore."

Rectangular shaped object seen in Texas thunderstorm

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 3, 2010
Location of event: Texas, USA

"About 1:05 AM, June 3, 2010, a severe thunder / lightning storm was moving in from the northwest, and I saw a single plane-like bluish light moving through the very bad lightning and watched it wondering what the heck a plane was doing flying directly through the storm. The storm had to be at least 10 miles away, and the light I first saw moving through it was behind it, coming towards my direction, but it came on very fast.

It was fast enough that before I realized, it had gotten closer. I could see something that at first appeared to be a triangular shape or diamond shaped outline against the approaching storm clouds. It looked like it stopped, and I guess made a complete 90 degree turn, and then flew right over my head.

As it flew over, I could distinctly see it was a rectangular-shaped craft, and see the lines of its construction as well as markings underneath (couldn't quite make the markings out, but they looked like something an aircraft would be marked with). In the center of it, I could still make out the bluish light and could lightly see what looked like red squares in each corner, and still faintly make out the square outline of the craft, but if I hadn't been so curious about seeing a 'plane' flying through a bad lightning storm it pretty much completely blended in with the sky.

I doubt anyone else would be able to make it out unless they spotted it by chance and were watching. It was fast and silent. I couldn't estimate how high up it was since I am not sure what type of aircraft you could compare it to, but judging by how high it was coming through the storm I'd have to say pretty big for me to see that much detail as it went overhead.

It was bigger than any kind of aircraft I have ever seen. When I realized I was looking at something strange, I went to get my cell phone to take a picture or something but it was way gone, last heading towards the direction of Galveston Bay.

I'm sure it was military. I am confident of it. Just had a familiar kind of 'feel' to it as it went overhead. I would love to know what it was though, and would like them to explain how they got that kind of technology in the first place."

Two unusually shaped objects seen over Chicago, Illinois

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 4, 2010
Location of event: Chicago, Illinois

"I was in Chicago, IL, at Irving Park @ California walking to my car when my friend and I looked up to see two lights shaped like a cross section of an eye moving in smooth linear directions with a 6 degree course correction made out of the first one done in a precise angle. Then they went into a straight line into the clouds about 15 miles east until the lights faded, most likely increasing altitude for this effect.

It seemed to be not an aircraft, I live by two large airports and can distinguish them readily. The light effect was unlike any lens that I have seen on various aircraft. It wasn't being diffused through water vapor either. I was excited because this was "very" abnormal for the sky in the area.

Usually the planes are flying at sub 2,000 ft altitude as they preform their landing sequence or are beginning to gain altitude for their normal journey."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Documentary - UFOs

Is It Real? - UFOs

Information from Wikipedia:
This episode presents footage and anecdotal evidence of UFOs from people who claim to have had close encounters of the first, second, third, and even the fourth kind. Scientists and astronomers provide scientific reasons to rebuke these claims.

Tip - Let the other clips load while watching the first part.

UFO filmed over the Vatican by U.S. ambassador security guards

"Was Rome visited by Unidentified Flying Objects? Definitely, and once again the sightings in the skies over Vatican City stirred newspaper headlines and numerous TV news reports in Italy. According to recent reports, it seems that a UFO flap is taking place in Rome and that strange objects were also recorded on camera several times.

The most important one is the footage of an odd luminous formation taken by three security guards stationed in front of the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican (Holy See).

These were qualified witnesses since they are artillerymen, trained experts in air surveillance...

Video related to the article:

Part of an article from OpenMinds.tv - Continue reading

Your Town Plover - The Club Forest Bar: A Haunted History?

"As we've showed you all week, Your Town Plover has a rich history spanning decades. And of course that history wouldn't be complete without a good ghost story!

Notorious gangsters like Al Capone and John Dillenger considered the Club Forest Bar a favorite stop in the 1920's and 30's, and it's right in Your Town Plover. The bar is filled with stories and legends, but none of them have managed to live on quite like the story of Melvin.

Melvin was an original employee of the bar, and employees today are convinced his ghost is still there. The Club Forest Bar was used for a time by its original owners as a 'house of ill repute'. "Helen and Mac [McCabe] brought a man with them named Melvin, and they called him a coachman", said Pam Booth, who owns the bar today. "His job was to go to the train station pick up the girls bring them back and watch over them...

Video related to the article:

Part of an article from WSAW.com - Continue reading

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memon Mohalla haunted by ‘ghost’ school

"SUKKUR: The children in Memon Mohalla are afraid to go to a school that is being built in the middle of a graveyard.

The matter started after poor planning on the part of the education department resulted in the construction of the primary school inside the graveyard near Rohri; however, residents filed a case at the sessions court two years ago and managed to get a stay on construction until the court’s final verdict.

Many residents had protested and threatened to keep their children at home if the authorities insisted on building the school on their ancestral graves...

Part of an article from The Tribune - Continue reading

UFO Looked 'like a fireball' Say Witnesses

"AN unusual sighting over the night sky north of Inverness has left a Wick woman mystified.

For Cathy Gunn spotted a "glowing, tumbling light" two weeks ago at Embo, near Dornoch.

"Around 11.30pm to 11.45pm my husband and I were walking back to our caravan when I noticed a bright yellow light in the sky over Tain. It appeared to be moving towards us, but it looked like it was rolling around rather than flying," she revealed...

Part of an article from The John O'Groat Journal - Continue reading

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ghostly goings on at Shropshire castle?

"Could this be evidence of ghosts in a Shropshire castle?

Video journalist James Shaw spent an evening at Whittington Castle, near Oswestry, with ghosthunting group Dead Haunted Nights, run by Phil Whyman, from Living TV’s Most Haunted.

And he found evidence that ghosts may – or may not – exist...

Video related to the article:

Part of an article from Shropshire Star - Continue reading

True believer on trail of Sasquatch in Va., claims 14 sightings

"THORNBURG, Va. — Billy Willard says he’s on the verge of a major discovery that could change the way humans think about the natural world, not to mention their need for a creature-proof home security system.

Here in Spotsylvania County, in the forests around Lake Anna, Willard contends there have been 14 sightings in the past decade of that most fabled of cryptozoic beasts: Bigfoot.

Or Sasquatch, as the elusive, apelike brute is referred to in other circles — and on the side of Willard’s blue pickup. The decal on the truck reads “Sasquatch Watch of Virginia,’’ of which Willard is chief pooh-bah (when he’s not earning a living installing and removing underground home oil tanks)...

Part of an article from Boston.com - Continue reading

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Animal mutilations linked to UFOs says Walsall man

"A Walsall man has told BBC WM that aliens and UFOs are responsible for a string of animal attacks in the UK.

Mike Freebury, a member of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, has investigated the mystery of 'cattle mutilations' for a number of years.

The phenomenon, first reported in America in the 1970s, involves the unexplained deaths of rural animals...

Part of an article from BBC News - Continue reading

Three unknown, flying objects seen over Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 5, 2010
Location of event: near Portland International Airport, Oregon

"I saw 3 fast flashing objects moving west to east in and out of the clouds above Portland International Airport, Columbia River, and Troutdel Airport, last seen flying north to northeast. Object 1 - Flashing what looked like to be bright, white fast flashing light (lights are strobe like) flying fast with no sound.

Object 2 - Flashing what looked like to be bright, white fast flashing light (lights are strobe like) flying fast, again no sound. Object 3 - Flashing what looked like to be bright red, fast flashing light (lights are strobe like) flying fast no sound.

All 3 objects appeared in same order as the description 1,2, and 3. I just had a thought to look up and I did, outside my home talking on the phone.

The way the lights looked, I thought maybe they were helicopters, however, they were moving way too fast to be helicopters. It felt like I was supposed to see them. I last saw them fly away, moving north to northeast."

Woman motorist photographs triangle shaped object in Ohio

Click on image for higher resolution.

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 28, 2010
Location of event: Ohio, USA

"I was driving my kids home from a school function Friday afternoon at approximately 3:30 PM. Driving on a side street going home, I looked up and right above the trees I saw a black triangle-shaped object kind of floating above the trees. At first I thought it to be a kite or balloon, but it was odd in movement and in shape, as I continued to drive the object was going in our direction.

I said "What is that, do you see that?" My kids were kind of freaked out by it. At the corner of my street is a factory with a 4-5 story high chimney, this object went around the chimney, and kind of started hovering by the tree line.

I had my camera with us for the school event and so I started snapping pictures. It started to move away from where we were parked, so we got in the car and started chasing it. We followed it down a street of industrial factories, and I pulled into a lot with a clear view of where this thing was "hovering."

I got out of the car and snapped a few more pictures and tried to take video of it. I called a few of the workers over who were looking at me like I was crazy and wondering what I was doing there, until I showed them the object in the sky. They were all looking at the object and wondering exactly what it was we were looking at fly slowly across the sky. It stopped and seemed to be hovering over a shopping plaza, and I got my kids back in the car and tried to chase it down.

By the time I got to the shopping plaza, which is only a five minute drive from where we were, it was long gone. It was very weird, my daughter and I both thought we saw it slightly change shapes and it was very odd.

I have never ever saw anything like this before ever!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

UFO photographs - Catalina Island, California, July 9, 1947

This photograph was taken on July 9, 1947 in Catalina Island, California.

This is the original caption to the photograph:

"7/9/1947 - Avalon, Catalina Island - Three Army Air Force veterans reported six flying discs over Catalan Island, and former aerial photographer, Bob Jung said he succeeded in photographing one of the objects. Photo is that which Jung says he took of one of the discs which passed over the Island. Masts and stack of steamer are seen at bottom."

Daytime UFO seen and filmed in Ukraine

"According to the newspaper UA Reporter, a UFO was seen and filmed in skies above the village of Rozovke in the vicinity of the town of Uzhgorod in the Carpathian Mountains region of Ukraine.

The event took place on June 2 at around 5.30 pm. A local journalist who was in the area happened to see the UFO and managed to pull out a video camera and capture footage of the mysterious object (see film below).

What attracted the journalist’s attention to the UFO was the incredible speed that it was traveling along with the fact that it was totally silent...

Video related to the article:

Part of an article from All News Web - Continue reading

Unknown object changes color over Florida

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 15, 2010
Location of event: near St. Augustine, Florida

"While driving north on I-95 from Miami, I made a quick stop in the St. Augustine area - Flying J Truck Stop at exit 305, about 11:00 PM. Soon after I returned to the highway, I noticed a bright, blue light in the dark, open sky. I kept sight of this blue star for about ten minutes, when suddenly the blue star turn into a white, glowing star, and in turn, started to move from West to East, kind of heading to the Jacksonville area, towards the Atlantic Ocean at about 30 thousand miles to then turn South.

It got all my attention when from this light, two huge, circled flashes came off from it, as if it had entered the atmosphere or changed from being a circled star light to a flying craft coming down really fast. After the entry from space, I only could see pulsating and turning lights of blue, red and green colors approaching very fast the area where I was heading.

I couldn't describe the size or shape of object, but it flew along the highway around 5 thousand feet. The shadow above the lights was of about 100 to 200 feet long, and no sound was emitted by the craft. I slowed down as much I could, but I could not see where it went after I was passed by it, because obviously I had to keep my sight in the road since I just kept driving.

The night sky was clear, open and starry, no clouds, no noticeable air traffic in the area. When I first saw the blue star, I never imagineed that a few minutes after watching it while driving, it would turn into a bigger white star and move fast towards the East.

The most impressive thing was to see the emission of two, huge, circled flashes, and then the white light dimmed to become a pack of shadow emitting lights that started to fly right towards where I was heading. Frankly, I have never experienced any such thing before."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

UFOs spotted high above Sydney

"EERIE lights in the sky in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra early today prompted multiple UFO sightings up and down the east coast.

People reported throughout the states say they witnessed a mysterious light travelling in an erratic fashion across the sky in the early morning hours.

One caller told the ABC that she saw a light 'racing across the sky' about 5.50am Saturday...

Part of an article from The Daily Telegraph - Continue reading

Female ghost in Malaysian police lock-up giving cops nightmares

"Malaysian cops have reported that a ghostly apparition of a woman with long hair in a white dress has been haunting their police lock-up.

According to the Harian Metro, the ghost has apparently been disturbing officers on night duty at the Betong district police headquarters about 150km from Kuching, and it has also been seen around the police station.

"Its face is similar to an officer here. When it is given instructions, it would only keep quiet," the Star Online quoted a source as saying...

Part of an article from Sify News - Continue reading

Strange orange UFO spotted over Buckhurst Hill

"A FORMER pilot and aircraft recognition teacher has been left stumped by a mysterious orange ball seen flying in the skies above Buckhurst Hill.

David Crook, of Cherston Road in Loughton, said he and his girlfriend saw the unidentified flying object as it silently swooped through the clouds above the town just before 11pm on Sunday (May 30).

It is the latest in a string of recent sightings in the area – although some have suggested the district's proximity to Stansted Airport could be to blame, while others have theorised that the orange balls are Chinese lanterns...

Part of an article from Guardian - Continue reading

Pilot sees disc shaped UFO fly near commercial airliner over Pennsylvania

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: June 3, 2010
Location of event: Pennsylvania, USA

"I was sitting on a porch looking south and noticed an object flying above and close to a commercial jet airplane heading northeast. This immediately drew my attention. I am a private pilot and never have seen anything fly so close to a commercial plane.

I thought it might be a military aircraft, but it was disc-shaped and left no contrail like the commercial jet. The sky was mostly sunny with a few high clouds, and the commercial jet contrail was very visible.

I stood up to get a closer view and called over two of my relatives also on the porch to look. They both saw the object. We watched the object hover above the airplane, then ascend at about a 70 degree angle out of view.

After we all drew pictures of what we saw and talked about it to the relatives that weren't on the porch (each taking a turn to describe it), the consensus was that the object was a disc, and very shiny, either white or metallic (the white plane looked dull in comparison). The disc flew tipped slightly on one end; the disc maintained a consistent speed, and altitude above the airliner for at least 20 seconds; the disc then ascended at about a 70 degree incline and appeared to rise faster than the speed it traveled over the airliner.

The disc didn't leave a contrail either over the airliner, or when it accelerated as it was rising. We tried to think of all explanations for what the object could have been: a weather balloon, a military jet, etc. and could find nothing that fits."

Couple sees triangle UFO in Conyers, Georgia

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 27, 2010
Location of event: Conyers, Georgia

"Time was around 11:00 PM, I was in the Conyers, GA, Longhorn Steakhouse, picking up my girlfriend from work. I was waiting for my girlfriend to come out of work, when I noticed that the clouds kept moving in a weird pattern. They'd cover the full moon for a minute, then the next minute the thick patch of clouds would move off to the right side of the moon.

They'd then cover again, then to the left side they went, exposing the full moon. I looked at that as somewhat weird. Anyhow, I then got out of the truck, and as I waited, I videoed the moon alone, when it was exposed. (for a couple minutes) just to review on my big screen, to see if I saw anything.

Anyhow, after she came out to see me shooting the moon, we got in the car, and I told her that it was looking weird up by the moon. After around 30 minutes or so, we took a right turn from Salem Rd. onto Highway 162 in route to the house, I looked up at the moon, and right as I looked up, a BRIGHT light flew from under the patch of clouds.

I freaked and brought it to her attention. By the time she spotted the object, it was in the windshield view. It went from my driver side window view, to windshield, all the way over to HER PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW VIEW. Within 5 seconds. I'd say, 2-3 seconds.

She had the camera, but instead of missing out on seeing this, she looked with her own eyes, and described the object as triangular, with 3 solid bright lights at each tip of the triangle. Between the front point on each side, were 2 pulsating lights, that illuminated one after the other. As one dimmed, the other got brighter.

We talked about it all night, and to this day, still are amazed with what we saw. I told my brother that we saw ANOTHER UFO, and he was amazed. As I said, I have a video of the moon before the occurrence, maybe 30 minutes before. And she's willing to sketch the placement of the lights that we saw."

T shaped object seen by couple in Texas

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 25, 2010
Location of event: Texas, USA

"My wife went to the pool around 9:00 PM. At 9:07, she called me, but I could not understand what she was saying at first because the phone was making a weird whooping sound. I then heard her say, "UFO," and I rushed out to the pool. There it was, the same one I reported on Cinco de Mayo. I could see it very clearly this time.

My wife and I began to take video with our camera phones. I told her to go get her actual camera for better video. She went and got it and we began to take regular video of it flying all around for about 5 minutes. Then it swooped down out of site on the other side of the apartment. We assumed it had landed. I waited for a minute to see if it would come back and then decided to run to the other side of the building to try and see it.

That was what I did when I lost sight of it on the 5th, but this time it was still there. I took a few pictures and shot around another four or five minutes of video of it. There was a small crowd of other people across the street who had pulled over the watch it. It flew in an acrobatic style as if putting on a show still around 500 ft in the air like last time. But this time, it went up to around 1,000 ft and would swoop down to 500 ft. it made no sound.

It would hit a few hundred miles per hour every now and then. It flew around the same 3 or 4 mile radius for about 25 minutes. Then it was gone. I got great footage of it swooping at high speeds, then doing an instant change in direction. When I saw it on the 5th, I was unable to see it clearly and thought it was a triangle, but it seemed to be a T-shape as far as I could tell.

Last time through the tree I was only able to see four blue lights, and this time I could see 8 blue lights and a tiny red one in the middle. It had to be what messed up my wife’s initial phone call. When I took two of the pictures it seemed to blink in response."

Family watch multi-lighted object over Vermont

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 26, 2010
Location of event: St. Albans, Vermont

"I had just got done watching the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens"... (I love this stuff), and I thought my mom was joking when she ran into my room and said "Do you want to see a UFO?" and walked away.I laughed and thought she heard me watching that show, but I got up and followed her to our front door of the house. She pointed across the street to the left of our neighbor's house and to the left of a big oak tree.

This is what I saw... a star-like object in the sky, that seemed to be a lot closer than a star, and it was flashing different colors from blue to red mostly, but white too and sometimes a "flash" of yellow that made the object double in size. It seemed as if the lights were rotating in a circular motion because the blue and red were almost non-stop.

The object would slightly move in the sky because we were not moving from our spot on the patio, and the object would get behind the big branches of the oak tree without us moving at all. The object went slightly right, and then it would rise slightly and after a couple of minutes, it would go back a little left and get out of the way of the oak tree in clear sight again.

My mom and girlfriend both tired of staring at the object for 10-20 minutes, and they both went inside. I walked off my patio and closer to the object, and noticed a blue star-like object zoom right over the top of the main object. The object that zoomed over it did not stop briefly or stand still - it just zoomed over the top and went right by.

I ran inside and told my mom I thought a plane went over the "UFO." My mom and I went back to our spot on the front patio, and after 5 minutes or so of watching the object we both saw out of the eastern sky what we thought at first was a plane come from the direction of Plattsburgh, New York, and headed straight for the "UFO."

It flew over the top of the "UFO," and was blinking a red light at the front, a green light in the middle, and a red light at the back, that’s why I thought it was a plane. But no longer then 15-30 seconds went by, and coming from the western sky and no more then 2-300 yards above our house, a 2nd helicopter (I call it 2nd because it was doing the same exact thing the first what I had thought to be a plane object was doing) flew directly over our house, and was flashing a red light on front, green light in the middle, and red light at the back.

The 2nd helicopter went towards the exact direction the 1st plane/helicopter had started from. The 2 helicopter seemed to be making a perfect circle around the "UFO" and at this point. My mom seemed frightened a little and said, "What the **** is going on around here?" The helicopters went out of sight and I watched the object for 5 minutes and went inside to get some water because it was still 90 degrees out... I went back outside with my girlfriend 5-10 minutes later and the object was gone!

I was very mad it was gone because I wanted to see it when it went away. We got in the car and started to drive towards where the object was, but it was not in the night sky anymore. I was quite upset and went back home. I am still quite excited with what seems to be my first sighting. I also pulled my iPhone out and recorded (mostly by voice) what I was seeing at the time."

Woman motorist sees triangular lights over Oregon City, Oregon

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 29, 2010
Location of event: Oregon City, Oregon

"I was driving to work from my home getting ready to turn onto I-205 north from Hwy 43 Eastbound, and to the East above the tree line I saw 3 lights in the sky. They were in a perfect formation of approximately a 25-30% angle triangle with the center point above the other 2 outer, low points.

The points of light were way too far apart to be any plane or aircraft I have EVER seen! I didn't see any distinct blinking lights like those from an airplane or any other common aircraft. The individual lights would somewhat pulsate in intensity, but not a true blink. One light would get brighter though the light didn't radiate outward to appear any larger, just brighter, as another would dim in unison.

They seemed to “take turns” dimming/brightening. I don't recall seeing any odd colors just white/yellowy lights. As I turned onto the freeway ramp I lost sight of it for a moment, then regained sight of it to my right as I was heading north. At this point it seemed as if the formation had slightly shifted, but gone up a bit higher in altitude, though still too low to the ground for this to be a military type plane formation maneuver.

Now the northernmost light was slightly lower than the southern pointing light, and it appeared closer to the center light, like how the perspective would warp if you had a solid triangular object and pivoted it slightly clockwise. At this point a fourth light appeared just barely above the tree line and even further back in the south direction than the back corner of the triangle and much lower.

This light seemed brighter and larger than the other three and seemed almost to be a tail? Upon a quick glance at this point, it would almost appear as if the Little Dipper had lost part of its tail, its bottom star, gotten very close to the earth and hovered there above Oregon City.

Unfortunately I was not in a position to stop and shoot footage as I was running late for work. I called home quick to see if my husband could see it, but he could not even though we are on a slight hill.

The object was just hovering too low for it to be seen from many locations. I say object, yet strange thing is, I didn't see any solid object holding these lights in this formation. It was BY FAR the oddest thing I have EVER seen!

I have looked all over the Internet, called news channels and even the local dispatch and NO ONE else seems to have reported this. This is why I'm posting this here. I am not crazy or anything, but some verification that ANYONE else saw this would ease my mind!

Thank you for reading."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ghosts In The B-RI Railroad And Historical Museum?

"If you remember there was an article in the May 20th issue of The Teague Chronicle about Wide Awake Paranormal investigators spending time at the B-RI Railroad and Historical Museum to see if there was paranormal activity there. WELL, before they could even get started things became very interesting!

"We had just come back from dinner and were anxious to get started," said one of the investigators. "When we opened the door we heard a noise that sounded something like an alarm." They thought they had set off an alarm system at the museum and figured the police would show up soon. They waited but the police didn't show.

"We thought we would go in and see if we could find the source of the noise," the investigator went on. "It seemed that each time we thought we could tell where it was coming from and went there, the noise seemed to come from somewhere else...

Part of an article from The Teague Chronicle - Continue reading

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UFOs spotted in Alexandria

"UFOs have been hovering in the skies above Alexandria, it has been claimed.

Several similar sightings of a bright object have been made at night over the past few weeks.

Stunned sky watchers have been reporting unexplained visions on website uk-ufo, where thousands of people share their experiences...

Part of an article from Lennox Herald - Continue reading

Black, rectangular object seen over Idaho

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 14, 2010
Location of event: near Meridian, Idaho

"I'm logging this report for a friend of mine who described seeing a huge, black rectangular object in the sky while driving to work this morning on I-84 westbound heading from Meridian to Nampa ID. The object moved rather slowly across the sky moving from North to South. My friend witnessed this object for a duration of 5 minutes and got a good look at the rectangular object. It did not have wings.

For a while the object appeared to be following a plane, but the plane eventually took a different course and the object disappeared behind the clouds shortly afterward. This friend of mine is a trustworthy person who has been skeptical of the UFO phenomena, but now has had a sighting of her own!

I trust her word, and the description I gave you is indeed accurate to what the witness saw. If you can identify this for us, or if anyone else can report seeing something similar we would really appreciate it!


Unknown object hovers near Selma, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: May 13, 2010
Location of event: near Selma, California

"On May 13, 2010, we were driving back from my sister's house. She lives in Selma. My mom was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. We were driving North on McCall Ave., from Selma, and as we turned right on North Ave towards Sanger, that's when I saw what I thought was a plane hovering in one place over a field about 500 ft from North Ave.

It wasn't that high because I saw it out of the windshield. It caught my attention because it wasn't moving, it was just floating there. I told my mom to look at it, but she could not turn her head and drive at the same time. I got my phone and I called my brother, Jeffrey Gonzalez, who is a investigator for MUFON. I told him what I just saw, and he said it was a plane because Jeff said there is one landing at the airport and I told him, "No, it's not a plane."

He told me he was going to get into his truck and drive in the direction so he could videotape the craft. I told him it was a triangle with white Christmas lights all around it. I hung up the phone and a couple of minutes later he called me back. He was about to ask me in what direction was the craft heading - then both our phones got disconnected. I thought it was weird because I have a I-phone and it has never done that before.

I noticed that I had all my bars for good reception. My phone rang again and it was Jeff, he asked me what happened and I told him I don't know why our phones went dead. Then he asked me once again which way was the craft going, and as I was going to tell him, our phones went dead again. Again, I had all my bars. The phone rang again but by that time I could not see the triangle anymore. I know I should have taken a picture, but when you see something like that you freak out. Here is a picture that I drew, (see above) I guess it was the same size as a military jet."