Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Group: Evidence of paranormal activity found

"ASHBURN — The 5th group of paranormal investigators to check the old Turner County County Jail say they found “pretty strong” evidence of spectral activity at the old jail.

Diane Slomka points to a fuzzy photograph of the second floor taken at street level. In one photo there is a shadow in the lower part of the window. When enlarged, the photo shows a bust-shaped shadow with a white dot where a nose would be and two darker shadows where eyes would be. The investigators also point to what they call hair in the image.

Pictures taken about 30 seconds later from a slightly different angle do not have the shadowy image. Brent Potter took the pictures. “I felt like that was pretty strong,” Ms. Slomka said. “That’s a shadow he caught in the women’s cells. I am really pleased with this...

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Patient plays ghost to haunt hospital

"Staff fights losing battle against prankster who makes blank calls and knocks on doors in the dead of night to settle scores with a nurse he fell in love with

Strange things are happening at Deonar’s Sanjeevani Hospital these days. At midnight, the hospital phones start ringing. But there is no one on the other side, just some eerie noises.

Around the same time, someone starts pelting stones at the windows. When security guards and doctors rush out to check, they find nobody...

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Ghost-hunting team tackles Wrightsville restaurant

"Katrina Pierce was writing the daily specials on her menu board as she had done every day since Feb. 19 when a man behind her whispered, "What are you doing?"

Pierce turned around. No one was there.

She dropped the marker and ran into the back kitchen...

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Paranormal researchers revisit a local ghost story

"Set against a backdrop of dark sky and lightning flashes, the Sigma Nu fraternity house on the Kansas University campus looked ominous early Sunday morning.

The wood floors inside creaked and groaned with the slightest shift in weight.

For the second time in as many years, members of Elite Paranormal of Kansas City searched the house’s various levels for the best place to set up their investigation...

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Tajikistan: In Search of the Yeti

"Dushanbe is not a real city. It isn't a real capital and Tajikistan is not a real country.

The northern neighbour of Afghanistan is a failure with a flag, shiny passports and a gang of savvy criminals that calls itself a government.

This buffer between the empires fell apart a long time ago...

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Russian fishermen demand an investigation into killer Nesski's 19 lake deaths in three years

"Russian fishermen are demanding a probe into a creature resembling the Loch Ness monster in a remote Siberian lake.

Locals say that 'Nesski' has devoured anglers who have been pulled into the murky waters of Lake Chany from their boats.

Those claiming to have glimpsed the creature say it resembles the classic long-necked image of Scotland's fabled monster. It has also been called 'snake-like', while other accounts suggest a large fin and huge tail...

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

UFO footage: Lights in the sky over Saltney

"Contributor Steven has sent in a film showing three UFOs in the sky over his engineering yard in Saltney, Flintshire.

The footage is taken from his security camera and - in the top left of the picture - appears to show three objects moving in unison. The lights look triangular in shape.

"I'm not sure what to think," said Steven who got in touch after reading similar stories of sightings over the Dee estuary in our archived section, Weird...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chinese Sasquatch suspected

"BEIJING, July 19 (Xinhuanet) -- Bears or Bigfoot? That's what villagers in Shennongjia, Hubei Province are wonder-ing ever since one man named Ding Fei, 33, found mysterious thick curly hairs with transparent roots on July 9 at a location called Swallow Hole on a local mountain.

After Ding reported his discovery to the neighborhood committee, some professional researchers found additional hairs and a 30-centimeter-long footprint at the same place on July 11.

According to their research, the hair isn't human or livestock, but the possibility of bears could not be ruled out...

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Man claims aliens targeted his home with meteorites

"Radivoke Lajic, 50, said that his house being hit by rocks from space was the result of an extraterrestrial grudge.

"I am obviously being targeted by extraterrestrials," he said.

"I don't know what I have done to annoy them but there is no other explanation that makes sense...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mysterious creature found in Bay St. Louis

"BAY ST. LOUIS (WLOX) - The Bay St. Louis Police Department is investigating a mysterious and dangerous creature in the Bay's Cedar Point neighborhood.

They said a resident of the area reported seeing a strange looking animal drag off their dog and kill it. The trouble is no one knows what kind of animal it is.

Police have made a mold of its paw print and will have an animal expert analyze it soon. The imprint is about three and a half inches long and has long sharp claws...

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Hunting for Bigfoot: N.C. expert stakes out the forest

"UWHARRIE NATIONAL FOREST, N.C. -- Bigfoot on video in the North Carolina mountains?

A Salisbury man says it's true, and he's been chasing the controversial creature for more than 20 years.

Mike Greene is nationally recognized as an expert Bigfoot investigator, so we went along with him one night in search of Bigfoot...

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chupacabra-like animals turn up in Hood County

"HOOD COUNTY — A small North Texas community is getting stirred up about some mysterious animals roaming around.

Two creatures have been killed in three days, near farms, only a few miles apart. Some are calling them chupacabras; even animal control officers are unsure what they are.

In his 25 years, David Hewitt has seen plenty of varmints running around, but nothing like the animal he shot on Friday...

Video related to the article:

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Sea monster or carp lurks at Lakeside?

"Lakeside Park, with its Rose Garden and fountains that drown out the sound of nearby traffic, is probably one of the more tranquil spots in the city, not the place to go if you’re looking for excitement.

Lately, though, there’s been a buzz in the neighborhood about the goings-on in the pond. It involves something that has come to be called Lakeside Nessie.

Yep, Lakeside has its own sea monster...

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"Let´s hop across the border and visit Dover Mass. this week to examine a creature called the Dover Demon.

The Dover Demon was first named by Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist, but it seems a misnomer. The demon actually appeared to be fairly small and frail.

It was first spied on the evening of April 21, 1977, on Farm Street near the outskirts of Dover. A teenager named Bill Bartlett was driving with a couple of friends, just cruising the streets, when one of them spied something strange by the side of the road...

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Last hanged woman's ghost haunts Penn, author says

"SHE was the last woman ever hanged in Britain and she could still be haunting a churchyard in Penn.

Or so a paranormal researcher believes.

Author and photographer Eddie Brazil, 54, has been researching for his book about haunted churches around England...

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Spooky encounter for Bristol Old Vic architect

"The architect leading the redevelopment of the Bristol Old Vic claims to have seen the theatre manager who worked there 200 years ago.

The ghost of Sarah Macready appeared to Andrzej Blonski as he climbed the back stairs at lunchtime.

He says she was wearing a long, white crinoline dress, had black hair and a pretty face. When he tried to speak to her she vanished...

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Friday, July 9, 2010

UFO's Spotted Over The Valley?

"From the silly, to the sinister and beyond.

Aliens and UFO's have been part of human lore and legend throughout history, but this past weekend those legends came to life for several valley residents and part, they say, of their very real here and now.

"There's been reports left and right coming out of the central San Joaquin Valley," declares Jeffrey Gonzalez...

Video related to the article:

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Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city

"A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky.

Image left: Photograph related to the article.

Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a bright trail in its wake.

Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm and dozens of flights had to be diverted...

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Bigfoot Found in North America?

"We introduced the story of “Mr. Mike”, who claims that he is experiencing repeated Bigfoot sightings in the backyard of his home, on July 3, 2010 when “Mr. Mike” joined the program and we found ourselves inadvertently making history.

I’ve met with some criticism due to a badly placed headline on my website that the skeptics have already begun using as a means of detracting from my efforts to validate, and verify, the story of ‘Mr. Mike’s’ Bigfoot encounter. I take personal responsibility for that mistake.

The headline on my web site was placed very quickly due to being up against a deadline for the beginning of the show on July 3, 2010. Of course I wanted to grab peoples attention, but not mislead the world. I should have stopped to rethink my words of choice, but I didn’t. I was in a hurry to get on the air as I was running behind and had hardly been able to prep for the show after spending 11 hours on the phone with virtually every person in the field of Bigfoot research, or trying to reach them...

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Little Haunted House on the Prairie

"The wide-open prairie can be a spooky place late at night. I discovered this last weekend, while driving across the lonely stretch of land between Spruce Woods Provincial Park and Brandon. The pale light of the full moon made every cluster of trees seem haunted and gave the mist that hung over the land an unearthly glow.

Why was I travelling across the prairie at one o’clock in the morning, instead of being sound asleep in my tent at Spruce Woods' Kiche Manitou campground? My travel partner and I were heading towards the weirdest provincial park in Manitoba – the Criddle/Vane Homestead Provincial Heritage Park.

The Criddle/Vane Homestead sits at the end of a farm road, off Provincial Road 340, 40 kilometres southeast of Brandon. Percy Criddle brought his family over from England in 1882, hoping to make his fortune by growing wheat on the Canadian Prairies...

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Bank of America ghost likely active despite bank holiday

"The Bank of America at 902 North Stone Avenue in Tucson is closed today due to the 4th of July holiday.

That doesn’t mean that there is no activity at the bank. Ghosts don’t work bankers’ hours and they don’t take holidays. The branch is bustling with paranormal activity.

The strange goings on at this location have been reported for several years...

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ghost group explores again

"Wellington, Kan. — A second group of ghost hunters is taking a closer look at Wellington’s Chisholm Trail Museum after they claim to have found evidence of paranormal activity.

Wichita League of Paranormal Investigators Jan Cohee of Wellington and Brendan Brannan converged on the museum, Friday night, setting up night vision cameras, voice recorders and electronic field radiation testers to see if their ghostly lightning might strike twice.

About a year ago, the group was in the museum and says they captured voices, thumps, heaving breathing and responses to questions...

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Creature drives villagers ashore

"A STRANGE looking marine creature reportedly spotted in lagoon waters of three villages in Cakaudrove are keeping fishermen and divers away from sea.

Naiqaqi Village headman Jepeca Nakuvu said villagers from the neighbouring village of Laucala and Valeni were scared of going out to sea because of the creature.

Ateca Disukavanua, 50, said she was fishing near a copse of mangrove called Dogodogo on Monday when she saw a black creature swimming towards her...

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Paranormal activity tracked in Oak Ridge's Alexander Inn

"Oak Ridge's historic Alexander Inn is well-known not only for the scientists who once stayed there, but for those who some say are still inside.

Saturday night, investigators with the Office of Paranormal Studies put all the ghost stories to the test.

"We're ghost hunters. We go around to places where paranormal activity is claimed. We'll check it out for ourselves and see what we can find," said Office of Paranormal Studies Co-Founder Clint Ferguson...

Video related to the article:

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lochinvar is Haunted

"Lochinvar Plantation is a true part of the old south, steeped in the lore of the southern states and drenched in the traditions of long ago. Built in the late 1830's, the mansion was home to the Gordon family for many years and watched over by an old caretaker. The Gordon family is long gone now.... but the old caretaker still watches over the place.

Lochinvar was built by Robert Gordon, a Scottish adventurer, in the late 1830's as a gift for his wife. At the time, Gordon owned a strip of land which stretched all of the way from Pontotoc to Aberdeen, sixty miles away. Aberdeen was Gordon's own town. He had founded a trading post there in the early 1830's and named the place Dundee in honor of a town in Scotland. He later changed to the name to Aberdeen.

It was near Pontotoc where Gordon found the land where he wanted to build his home. The location that he chose had been the land of the Choctaw Indian chief, Chinubi and once the Indians were gone from the area, he began building the new house...

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Possible signs of ghosts found at museum

"Visitors and staff at the Brunswick Railroad Museum may not be alone, according to a team of Gettysburg paranormal investigators.

Darryl Keller, founder of the Mason Dixon Paranormal Society, was at the museum Monday to reveal results of a June 6 investigation by his group. A team of investigators set up audio and video equipment around the building to capture any potential paranormal activity.

While Keller said the group did not capture anything unusual on video, he played a series of 14 audio recordings he claimed contained electronic voice phenomenon, or EVPs, nearly all of which he said were captured on the second floor, the location of most of the reports of strange activity in the museum...

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Paranormal activity tracked in Oak Ridge's Alexander Inn

"Oak Ridge's historic Alexander Inn is well-known not only for the scientists who once stayed there, but for those who some say are still inside.

Saturday night, investigators with the Office of Paranormal Studies put all the ghost stories to the test.

"We're ghost hunters," said Office of Paranormal Studies Co-Founder Clint Ferguson. "We go around to places where paranormal activity is claimed. We'll check it out for ourselves and see what we can find...

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Ex Hertford cop’s ‘close encounter’ after UFO sighting

"A FORMER police officer saw a UFO, and what he thought were children that “disappeared all of a sudden”, while driving from Hertford to Puckeridge.

The sighting was in July last year, but has only emerged within the last few days on a UFO-watcher’s website.

In his tantalising account the ex-cop, who identified himself only as Nick R, wrote: “I saw whilst driving along the A10 going home one evening after work north a light which was not the moon, orange and oval in shape. I drove into my parking space in Puckeridge and went into my flat. Faffed about for about 10 minutes then went outside for a cigarette...

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Aurora, Texas UFO incident of 1897 - Part 3 of 3

In 1897, six years before humans took to the sky by airplane, eyewitnesses from California to Michigan to Louisiana reported seeing mysterious cigar-shaped crafts sailing gently through the sky. But one of them stood out from the others. Something had crashed.

Part 3 - The quest for an explanation

As amazing this as this story might be, it could as easily all been an elaborate hoax. The town of Aurora had reasons to make this story up. Just months before the alleged crash, Aurora had gone through a series of tragic incidents. First, the economic source for the town (cotton farming) had been destroyed by a boll weevil infestation. Second, there was a fire on the west side of town claimed several buildings and lives.

Not long after the fire, an epidemic of spotted fever hit the town, nearly wiping those who had survived the fire. The fever also placed the town under quarantine, not making the situation any better. And finally, a planned railway never made it to Aurora, making Aurora even more isolate to the outside world. The town of Aurora was in danger of dying, and that’s why several researchers sees Haydon’s article as a last attempt to keep Aurora alive.

But if it weren’t a hoax, what was it then. Could an extraterrestrial actually crashed down on Earth in 1897. Of course there’s the possibility of that, but the explanation is probably more earthly than extraterrestrial. At the time of the crash, several patents for flying aircraft already existed, so crafts like the one who reportedly crashed could already have taken to the skies, but there is no proof of that. And the body that was said to be alien could very well have the badly burned body of the human pilot.

But there is one evidence left to investigate, the alien’s alleged grave at Aurora Cemetery. Over the there have several movements for exhuming the grave, but every permission have been denied by the Aurora Cemetery Association. They say they deny for the respect of others on the cemetery. But by making impossible to investigate the grave, it will be impossible to close this case. Just by a single look into the grave, we would be able to say that really as says in the news article or confirming that it all was just a hoax. Maybe one they will give away and open the grave, but if not we’ll maybe never know the real truth of what happened in Aurora 1897. The story lives on.

<-- Preceding part - MUFON investigates - uncovers physical evidence

Scientific evidence of poltergeist knocking?

"Paranormal rappings associated with apparent poltergeist activity have been described for many hundreds of years. It is only now that an interesting pattern has been discovered within the fine detail of the paranormal rapping sounds. No explanation can be found for this pattern at present.

The current edition of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), a learned publication dating back to 1882, carries an article by scientist Dr Barrie Colvin B.Sc., Ph.D., showing instrumental evidence for an inexplicable and objective banging sound detected in recordings made during alleged poltergeist activity.

Whereas raps and knocking sounds produced by ordinary means exhibit a normal acoustic pattern, those recorded in alleged poltergeist cases show quite a different sound signature...

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