Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paranormal Case #1 - Bigfoot

Every continent on the planet has a half ape, half man creature lurking in the surroundings. In Australia there’s Yowie, in Indonesia the creature is called Orang Pendek and the Yeti who is said to live in the Himalaya’s. But probably the most famous of all is the North American primate called Bigfoot or Sasquatch as other will call it. The earliest sightings can be traced back to the late 19:th century and reports are today coming in from all over US but most are focused to the Pacific Northwest, including parts of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

And then there is the controversial Patterson-Gimlin footage that says to show a Bigfoot walking through Bluff Creek in northern California on October 20, 1967.

Evidence for:
Thousands witnesses has over the last decades reported sightings of an Bigfoot like. Even when it is possible to dismiss or explain many of these sightings, some remain unexplainable. Over the years, tracks have been found and been casted. The foot impressions found are in many cases huge, as you would expect with creature named Bigfoot. Sometimes just one or a few impressions is found, but there have been reported cases where you have been able to follow the tracks for miles.

Evidence against:
Neither bodies nor skeletons have ever been found. Most of the tracks found have turned out to be the works of prank artists. Then there is the problem of keeping a spice out of extinction. To have a healthy group of Bigfoot living there would have to be hundreds or maybe even thousands of creatures hiding in the thick forests of the Pacific Northwest, which is unlikely since no animal ever have been found

There is a lot of evidence for the existence of Bigfoot. The many eyewitnesses reporting startling accounts of Bigfoot encounters has to be taken into mind, even if many of those sightings are able to be identified as other big animals such as Black Bear who also resides in alleged Bigfoot territory. We’ve numerous of unexplainable tracks and the last we got Patterson-Gimlin film, said to be one of the best evidence for Bigfoot. But still we have no body or skeleton to show for the skeptics, so my conclusion of Bigfoot is that it does not exist and the alleged encounters are probably other large animals or just the cause of human paranoia.

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