Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Aurora, Texas UFO incident of 1897 - Part 3 of 3

In 1897, six years before humans took to the sky by airplane, eyewitnesses from California to Michigan to Louisiana reported seeing mysterious cigar-shaped crafts sailing gently through the sky. But one of them stood out from the others. Something had crashed.

Part 3 - The quest for an explanation

As amazing this as this story might be, it could as easily all been an elaborate hoax. The town of Aurora had reasons to make this story up. Just months before the alleged crash, Aurora had gone through a series of tragic incidents. First, the economic source for the town (cotton farming) had been destroyed by a boll weevil infestation. Second, there was a fire on the west side of town claimed several buildings and lives.

Not long after the fire, an epidemic of spotted fever hit the town, nearly wiping those who had survived the fire. The fever also placed the town under quarantine, not making the situation any better. And finally, a planned railway never made it to Aurora, making Aurora even more isolate to the outside world. The town of Aurora was in danger of dying, and that’s why several researchers sees Haydon’s article as a last attempt to keep Aurora alive.

But if it weren’t a hoax, what was it then. Could an extraterrestrial actually crashed down on Earth in 1897. Of course there’s the possibility of that, but the explanation is probably more earthly than extraterrestrial. At the time of the crash, several patents for flying aircraft already existed, so crafts like the one who reportedly crashed could already have taken to the skies, but there is no proof of that. And the body that was said to be alien could very well have the badly burned body of the human pilot.

But there is one evidence left to investigate, the alien’s alleged grave at Aurora Cemetery. Over the there have several movements for exhuming the grave, but every permission have been denied by the Aurora Cemetery Association. They say they deny for the respect of others on the cemetery. But by making impossible to investigate the grave, it will be impossible to close this case. Just by a single look into the grave, we would be able to say that really as says in the news article or confirming that it all was just a hoax. Maybe one they will give away and open the grave, but if not we’ll maybe never know the real truth of what happened in Aurora 1897. The story lives on.

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