Monday, August 23, 2010

Couple spot UFOs near Paradise Point Marina, California

Report from MUFON:

Date of event: July 30, 2010
Location of event: California, USA

"After seeing 4 objects on the 4th and 2 on the 23rd from our back yard as reported in earlier reports, my wife and I decided to go outside of town to get away from city lights just to see what we could see. So we went out to the delta about a mile north from Paradise Point Marina on the levee. At about 10 PM, I saw orange-colored lights coming from the south heading northwest.

They seemed to be south of the marina, hard to say how far it was, but they were low in the sky and moving slowly. It looked like they may have been by the port of Stockton, which was about 10 miles from us. My wife also saw these objects. There were 6 total, they seemed to be about a 1/4 mile apart as they came northwest. They all did a slow wide turn to the west and then back south towards Tracy.

We were watching them through binoculars until we could not see them anymore. There was no flashing lights you could see the street lights of the marina very clearly, and they seemed to be about the same size and a few inches higher than the street light from our view point."

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