Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Group: Evidence of paranormal activity found

"ASHBURN — The 5th group of paranormal investigators to check the old Turner County County Jail say they found “pretty strong” evidence of spectral activity at the old jail.

Diane Slomka points to a fuzzy photograph of the second floor taken at street level. In one photo there is a shadow in the lower part of the window. When enlarged, the photo shows a bust-shaped shadow with a white dot where a nose would be and two darker shadows where eyes would be. The investigators also point to what they call hair in the image.

Pictures taken about 30 seconds later from a slightly different angle do not have the shadowy image. Brent Potter took the pictures. “I felt like that was pretty strong,” Ms. Slomka said. “That’s a shadow he caught in the women’s cells. I am really pleased with this...

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